🌻How to Live Well Without Worrying About Saving or Making More Money


Good news for those who don’t want to make a lot of money in life

Money is what makes the world go round.


Money takes away many worries and can make life easier. However, the thought “I can only be happy with more money coming into the account” is scary. And it is wrong.

And that thinking will leave you broke.

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Of course, it is also possible to live happily with not much money.

Personal happiness is not tied to a high bank balance. Not even having more than 7 income streams.

Personal happiness is connected with attitude.

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How to live peacefully without worrying about financial funds

The media lies. It puts in our heads what we absolutely need and should buy. I turned off the TV a few years ago and never turned it on again. I threw the TV in the basement.

A life with little money is the opposite movement.

To those who say, save whenever possible;forgo many things; don’t pamper yourself and turn over every penny three times.

There is some truth to this, of course, but you can live well with less income and less money.

You have to economize at some points, but it also depends on how you manage the money you have.

A life with little money, whether in youth or old age, is a conscious decision.

In recent years, industrialized countries have turned into veritable societies that are wrecking the environment. Increased plastic waste, shorter half-life of clothes, and so many other things.

To live well you just need to:

Adjust your mindset

A life with little money requires changes.

Whether you need to or even want to avoid reducing debt, or whether you want to change your buying behavior. In any case, you need to let go of beliefs.

For example, the belief that it should always be the latest smartphone. Nothing against that, but think about it.

Mental health costs $0

Get out into nature.

Many leisure activities serve to recharge your energy. And they are free.

You can take a bath in the lake in summer, a trip to the castle ruins nearby, a walk in the forest, or even a walk on the beach to watch the sunset.

Look for quality

I prefer quality over quantity without effect.

Quality pays off in the long run.

A high quality t-shirt may be more expensive at first, but it will last longer than a $5 t-shirt.

Better to buy less, but higher quality.

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Motivation is a myth. Be disciplined

If you want to lead a life with little money, you need discipline.

We are constantly exposed to temptations, a whole economic sector thrives on putting fear in us. Our fear makes them a lot of money. Not chasing that is almost the most important tip for a life with little money.


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