Self care tips for men in 6 simple ways


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It’s been a rough couple of years. With everything that’s happening in the world, it’s not surprising people are more focused than ever on self-care.

Are you a male looking for healthy ways to take care of yourself? Let these handy men’s self-care tips be your guide.

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First off, what is self-care?

As a whole, self-care involves tending to your:




Practical needs

Social needs


To practice self-care, you need to make time for it. However, when you work to nurture all parts of yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll feel happier and more balanced. Although self-care can include any healthy activity that makes you feel good, here are a few suggestions for men.

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1. Interact with others

Interacting with friends, family and coworkers is important for good mental health.

Social interaction can:

Help strengthen relationships

Improve mood and wellbeing

Make life more interesting

Offer a sense of belonging

Remember that social interactions don’t need to be face-to-face. You can also interact with others through virtual chats, emails, texts and phone calls.

2. Give back to others

Giving back can improve your mental and physical health. Sign up to volunteer with an organization that has a mission that inspires you. Or, get involved with your child’s recreational sports league as a coach. The possibilities are endless, and you will feel good taking time out of your day to help others.

3. Get a good night’s sleep

After a good night’s sleep, everything seems better. To ensure you’re getting plenty of rest, make your bedroom extra comfy. Cover your mattress with cool cotton sheets in the summer and cozy flannel sheets in the winter. Don’t forget to change them regularly.

Set the room to a comfortable temperature before bed. Also, calm your mind by turning off your smartphone, tablet or television at least two hours before bedtime. To fall asleep faster, consider a noise machine with a variety of sounds. Think ocean waves, forest sounds or white noise.

4. Take time to meditate

If you’re looking for one of the best self-care ideas for mental health, try meditation. If you have a smartphone, there are many apps that make learning to meditate simple for beginners.

Just a few minutes of meditation every day can help ease anxiety, reduce stress and improve sleep. As you become more skilled in meditation, you’ll enjoy even more benefits like:

Greater self-awareness

Improved attention

Lower blood pressure

Pain control

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5. Take care of your skin

For men, good skin care involves more than a bar of soap and a disposable razor. A skincare routine helps men’s skin stay fresher and younger looking. It also helps prevent sun damage.

Stocking up on just a few products like sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash and beard oil makes a world of difference. Plus, taking the time to care for your skin can give you that quiet moment by yourself during your day.

6. Find your passion

Whether you enjoy sports, painting or walking in nature, make time for activities that bring you joy.

Doing things you love can:

Boost your brainpower

Build your confidence

Give your life more meaning

Increase your productivity

Make you happier

One of the best ways you can practice self-care and keep your body in tip-top shape is by seeing your doctor when you have health concerns.

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