Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #1 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 1 of 3 series)


Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #1 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 1 of 3 series)

Portion 1

This Great YEAR, Everything and everyone will definitely Favour me. Mercies and goodness will surround me. My life shall become sweeter and sweeter. Only the songs of joy shall be heard in my home. Victory unlimited is ever my portion.

Portion 2

This Great YEAR, It shall be greater good news for me and my household. The supply of good things will continue to flow to me and my loved ones. It shall be celebration galore with everyone in my household sharing great and amazing testimonies of God’s faithfulness.


Portion 3

This Great YEAR, The wind of blessings will blow continuously over me and my loved ones. It shall be gains upon gains for me in every positive way. Beautiful things will flood my home. I will keep enjoying greater comfort reflecting the abundant life in every form to God’s glory.

Portion 4

This Great YEAR, Total happiness will dominate my household. The country will continue to Favour me and my loved ones exceedingly. My God will definitely connect me to extravagant favours that will keep changing my levels positively to the praise of God.

Portion 5

This Great YEAR, The atmosphere in my home shall be ignited with total joy and peace with showers of supernatural blessings beyond human comprehension. My God will continue to comfort me on every side and keep increasing my greatness.

Portion 6

This Great YEAR, Extraordinary divine health is ever my portion and that of every member of my household. It shall be journey mercies galore for everyone in my family. Unending resources will keep flowing to me to have the best of times with my family to God’s glory.

Portion 7

This Great YEAR, The clock of life will definitely work in my Favour. The weather of life will definitely support my progress. Inspirations and revelations will keep flowing in me to help me gain supernatural speed in my area of calling and life in general.

Portion 8

This Great YEAR, The rain of blessings will continue to fall every moment. My mouth will continue to taste good things. It shall be total positive transformation for every member of my family including me. Evil personalities will not have access to my habitation.

Portion 9

This Great YEAR, I and my family shall not lack any good thing. The light of God will continue to shine in me and my loved ones. I shall be supernaturally connected to wonderful people for INCREASE upon increase. I will keep receiving great gifts from different quarters to God’s glory and praise.

Portion 10

This Great YEAR, No scheming of the wicked shall prosper in my life and that of all my loved ones. Everywhere I go, men and women will celebrate me. The loving atmosphere will continue to prevail in my home with notable miracles and supernatural progress.

❤️I deeply know that you are destined to be blessed beyond measure this year and beyond. Keep the faith and be highly expectant! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!🙏🏿

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