Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #2 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 of 3 series)


Limitless Blessings Declarations SPECIAL EPISODE #2 (HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 of 3 series)

Portion 1

This Great YEAR, Things shall be stable for me and my family. My God will greatly use me and my family to bless many people. The Word of God will keep doing wonders in my household. The name of the Lord will keep defending us greatly with supernatural safety.

Portion 2

This Great YEAR, Overflowing joy and unending peace will continue to dominate every moment of my life. I will continue to enjoy life to the fullest with every member of my family. Fears and anxieties shall be very far from my habitation.


Portion 3

This Great YEAR, It will continue to be well with me and every member of my household. My life will continue to be a wonder to many. Financial blessings will continue to abound in my life. There shall no evil happen to me and any of my loved ones. It shall be praise galore in my home.

Portion 4

This Great YEAR, I shall be full of gratitude to God. Dancing steps will continually be heard everywhere in my home. Each member of my family will be decked with amazing blessings to the glory of God. Violent people will not have access to my community and home in any way.

Portion 5

This Great YEAR, I will continue to be relevant to my generation. No one and nothing will take me away from my place of blessings and responsibilities. My God will keep promoting me to higher and higher places in the land. Food shall continue to be surplus in my habitation.

Portion 6

This Great YEAR, Unity and progress will continue to reign in my family. I will continue to flourish abundantly. Money will keep flowing to me and through me to bless others. All round rest shall continue to be my portion no matter what.

Portion 7

This Great YEAR, Pleasant blessings surprises will keep dominating my life. I will continue to receive the calls of blessings from far and near. Wicked people will have no part to play around me and my loved ones. As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord.

Portion 8

This Great YEAR, There shall not be any dull moment in my home. Everyone will come back home bringing all manner of blessings. It shall continue to be heaven on earth indeed for my family. My friends will continue to be greatly blessed by my life.

Portion 9

This Great YEAR, The Great God will keep using me greatly to bless humanity. New ideas that will keep bringing more and more financial blessings will keep flooding my soul. My faith in God will continue to be strong and vibrant with wonderful life results.

Portion 10

This Great YEAR, Bad news shall not be mentioned around us in any way. Only things that are just, pure, lovely and of good report will keep happening to me and around me. My God will continue to silence my enemies and cause me to prosper exceedingly.

❤️Take time to flood your mind with blessings possibilities. We are only here on the earth to be blessed and be a blessing to others. Period. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿


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