Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #01


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #01

  1. This amazing day, I am so happy that I am blessed beyond description. The lines are falling unto me in pleasant places. Only the good will keep happening in my life. I will ever be going higher and higher!
  1. This amazing day, the rhythm of blessings will keep working in my Favour. My family will continue to experience unimaginable blessings. The hand of the wicked will have no place to hold in my life!
  1. This amazing day, things will keep getter better and better for me. People will keep remembering me for good. I will continue to be relevant to my generation. The mercies of God will continually surround me and my loved ones!
  1. This amazing day, I shall be honored above my peers. Only the songs of joy will keep coming out of my mouth. I shall see no evil and I shall hear no evil. Indeed it shall be testimony galore in my home!
  1. This amazing day, the love of God shall envelope me afresh. I shall be greatly helped. Clarity of purpose will continue to be my portion. My focus on success shall not be scattered. It shall continue to be from glory to glory for me !
  1. This amazing day, total enlargement is my portion. Nothing will ever be too good for me. My God will change my level for good. The faithfulness of God will continue to be evident in my life. Only the sound of joy shall be heard in my home!
  1. This amazing day, it shall be success upon success for me.  My health will always be sound. Every aspect of my life shall experience positive growth. I will continue to enjoy total peace and unimaginable breakthroughs to the glory of God!
  1. This amazing day, it shall be open heavens upon my household. The wisdom of God will keep leading me forward and upward. I will keep experiencing all round rest with every member of my family. My time has come for unstoppable enlargement!
  1. This amazing day, No one and nothing will set on me to hurt me and any member of my family. I shall be announced in high places for good. I will always be full of vigor and strength. People will keep blessing me and I will keep winning!
  1. This amazing day, my mouth shall be full of laughter. My God will comfort me on every side. The journey of life will continue to be sweet for me and my life will always be a great blessing to many to the glory of God!

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