One Habit To Change Your Life ( This is a Wow)


The best habit I have ever developed was to do something for my dream every day!

I committed a certain amount of time every single day to work on my dream; Sundays, Holidays, Sick days, Depressed days all included.


Even when I was on vacation I still worked on my dream (in fact, I am on vacation as I am editing this post).

That does not mean I always produced something or got something important done, but it meant I spent a certain amount of time around things relevant to my goal.

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If I did not have client calls, I would write, if I couldn’t write, I’d read, if I couldn’t read, I’d listen to podcasts or watch other experts on YouTube, and so on.

This habit of just doing something every day no matter what is why I am still here trying and working.

Every person that reached the heights of success has, in some way, worked daily on their goals.

Professional athletes train daily, have a regimented diet and have coaches that push them in all walks of life.

CEOs often work on a daily basis, be it answering emails, working on projects, holding meetings or delegating work.

And even actors and actresses will have a job to do, will train their body for their next role, or will have talk to their agents about other opportunities.

Every person of success does something every day for the goals they wish to reach.

There are so many times when you will want to quit on the goals you set, and if you do not work on it every single day, you will.

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Working on what matters every day makes it more than a simple habit, it makes it part of who you are.

At this point you do not think about brushing your teeth anymore, you just do it; it has become part of who you are: a person that brushes their teeth.

When you are faced with a difficult situation you will drop everything you can, meaning everything that is not who you are.

The only thing that stays are the habits you have to pull you through those times.

Working for at least 2 hours on what I wanted to do was the one habit that enabled me to work 8+ hours a day now.

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It was a habit I absolutely needed when I just started out and I would recommend it to everyone else!

Take a good look at your life right now and see what you are doing every day and if there is not something better you can do.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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