Maybe we have thought about how that person can become rich. How come there are people who are very rich and have tens of billions to trillions of money and assets. Maybe it’s not that people who have a family economic background are mediocre, without inheritance money, without connections from their parents but can achieve wealth that they strive for from scratch. How do you collect that much money? It feels like if you work as an employee, it’s impossible to get rich or trade and even invest.


There is a study conducted by a financial consultant named Thomas Corley (a financial expert who has more than 30 years of experience as an accountant and tax consultant), which in 2004 interviewed 233 wealthy people in America. from various professional backgrounds wich one have a minimum income of $70,000 per year and have a total net worth of at least $2,100,000. Interestingly, there are “177 respondents who built their wealth from scratch.” The purpose of this study is to make these people know how and the process they can achieve their wealth, especially for those who managed to get it from scratch. Thomas Corley also published a book from the results of his study entitled “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” and his book also became a best seller. Without further ado, here’s the explanation:

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The Saver and Investor.

This group is people who have achieved wealth by being frugal, saving and investing disciplinedly and keeping their lifestyle simple. From the results of the study, there are about 22% of the total respondents who successfully use this method. They do not have a large regular income, but they really take advantage of the “compounding effect” in investing until the results reach tens of billions. It is true that this way is arguably the slowest way to achieve wealth. On average, they can only penetrate their first billions of wealth in their late 30s and only have tens of billions after regularly investing for about 33 years. Although long, but this path has proven successful in making ordinary people become rich in tens of billions.

2. The Company Climber.

This group is people who achieve their success with the dedication of their time and energy to pursue careers in large companies and managed to get high positions, such as general manager, directors and deputy directors with salaries of hundreds of millions per month. They account for about 31% of the total respondents and on average it takes 22 years to reach a fortune of tens of billions. As it turned out, those on this path did not only collect their wealth from their monthly salary, but from the compensation money (bonuses, shares, etc.) provided by the company. The characteristics of this group usually support the speed of their careers, such as being good at seeing opportunities, quickly mastering new skills, seeing trends and industries that are currently good and expensive. In addition, they are also very professional, disciplined, quick to adapt, good at leading a team, good at communicating and negotiating as well as reliable executioners. So they can sell themselves to get a fast career advancement and a significant salary every year.

3. The Virtuoso.

This group is people who have very high abilities in certain fields. This type builds his wealth by honing specific abilities to become an expert in a particular profession until finally receiving a very expensive fee for his ability. Examples of this group are doctors, athletes, specialists, surgeons, tax consultants, lawyers, programmers, architects, musicians, designers etc. From the results of the study, there are about 19% of people who get their wealth from this road. This group takes an average of 20 years to reach a fortune of tens of billions. Most of these types get a high contract value from a large organization or some are building their own company and offering their services. They are also very focused on dedicating their time to honing their skills, have academic degrees and special certificates so that they can be paid high wages.

4. The Dreamer.

This group is arguably the most difficult to reach compared to the 3 types above, but the average wealth achieved is fantastic. We may often hear this group from motivators who voiced the need to pursue dreams, passions in life. People who are included in this group are entrepreneurs, founders of a company that brings changes in the business industry and breakers of new concepts that may have never been thought of before. About 28% of the people surveyed took this path and managed to amass hundreds of billions of wealth in just 12 years. In theory, this path is the fastest and has the highest wealth value compared to the others, but on the other hand, this road is also the most difficult, risky, has high pressure and certainly has many failures. This group must be willing to work hard for 65–75 hours per week, sacrificing weekends and holidays, and must have a strong mentality to face all the uncertainties and failures during the first few years of doing business.

From this explanation, we can understand that the journey to success is a unique and different process for each person. Maybe there are people who can’t take the path of “The Dreamer” but rather can be “The Saver and Investor”. There is also a less suitable in “The Company Climber” but more suitable as “The Virtuoso”. There are also those who are able to become “The Saver and Investor”, “The Virtuoso” and “The Dreamer” at once.

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“Everything goes back to ourselves to choose which path is more suitable for the future because basically we are free to choose.”

By Ngomongin Uang x E.H.

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