The Best Financial Advice I Have Received from a Rich Person


Invest in yourself.

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Investing is an art, many times what you try to achieve does not happen as you expected, leading you to lose large amounts of money.

This may not affect someone who has much more than they need in the bank, but for the average person who lives from day to day, every investment becomes the perfect opportunity for a better future, at least in our minds.


When we bet on something, we visualize everything that could happen if it goes well, we rarely think that our bet will go down the drain.

Perhaps having little, or enough, leads us to look for something “safe” to invest in. We can’t go around wasting our hard-earned money on untested new ideas.

I consider myself a smart investor.

But not the kind that has an eye on the next global trend or the stock market ready to make a purchase or financial move.

I always invest in everything that I know with 100% certainty will give me a return on investment in no more than 2 years.

These are my 5 non-tradable investments:

I invest in my mind

Books, conferences, courses, etc. Anything that helps me grow as a person and professional, I don’t even ask the bank for their opinion. This type of investment became more entrenched when I understood the integrated responsibility of acquiring information, of applying it.

I invest in my spaces

The pandemic showed me my dark side, I had completely neglected my home for always being somewhere else. Being forced to work from home opened my eyes to the importance of having a light, clean and organized environment. I keep investing in improving my room, office, and home in general.

I invest in my physical

Eating according to the macronutrients that our body requires is a shortcut to making better decisions. Yes, buying protein in high amounts can be expensive, but I understood that it is more expensive for me to be physically turned off from eating so many carbohydrates. Likewise, going to a gym is a great investment. If possible, hire a coach for at least two months to avoid injuries.

I invest in my profession

Any tool, software or process that makes my work easier to guarantee better performance during my work routine, I acquire. I do a brief inspection of the options at the price level, but I never buy the cheapest just for the cheap. If you have to pay a little more for better quality, you pay.

I invest in my peace of mind

I always make time to think, read and walk, three activities that relax me, oxygenate me and allow me to see my next decisions with fresh eyes. When I lock myself in a work bubble without giving myself time off, my work pays the price.

I have never had the joy of having someone extremely successful close to me to reveal the ABC of investments. I have read books on the subject, but in my country, Venezuela, many of these recommendations do not apply.

But do you know that it is sure to work? Any deposit you make on yourself as a person or professional.

This is something I have seen few do.

They prefer to put money buying cryptocurrencies when they have not even bothered to study the subject in-depth, hoping for “more money”. But from my point of view, this is a short-term strategy.

A person with extra money, who does not invest in himself, will be able to achieve some financial success, but what will it serve him by not being able to handle it.

It’s like giving a Ferrari to a hormonal young man who just wants to impress others.

There is no safer investment than the one we make in ourselves, we can control that. Rejecting it tells us only one thing: The path we choose for success is paved by the opinion of others.


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