Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #72


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #72

Portion 1

This Blessed Day, Great and enviable blessings will keep abounding in my home. My life will making positive difference in the lives of people.

Portion 2

This Blessed Day, Divine restoration is ever my portion. The seed of wonders will continue to flourish in my life exceedingly. The victorious life is ever my portion.


Portion 3

This Blessed Day, I will continue to be a high flier in this life. What troubles others will not trouble me and my loved ones in any way. My presence will keep chasing evil off my ways.

Portion 4

This Blessed Day, I will keep flowing in revelations. I will keep going higher and higher in God. The light of God will keep shining through me and in me to greater levels.

Portion 5

This Blessed Day, I will keep flowing in the deep things of God. I will keep reaping the harvest of favours on every side. The river of blessings will keep flowing in my life.

Portion 6

This Blessed Day, The God of signs and wonders will continue to visit me. I will continue to be a wonder to myself. My future will continue to open up.

Portion 7

This Blessed Day, My God will keep connecting me and my loved ones to people of honour and great grace. I will continue to favour the righteous cause of God on earth.

Portion 8

This Blessed Day, My God will continue to set me on high above nations of the earth. I will continue to enjoy the sweetness of God with every member of my household.

Portion 9

This Blessed Day, My life shall continually be full of exploits. I will keep hearing good news everywhere I go. My mind will keep opening up to possibilities to God’s glory.

Portion 10

This Blessed Day, The heavens will remain open over me and my household. I will keep living the triumphant life to the glory and praise of my Father God.

❤️Just think of the words, “Limitless Blessings “. This is powerful! Always appropriate limitless blessings blessings into your life no matter what. This is your birthright! Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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