Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #61


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #61

Portion 1

This Beautiful Day, My God will continue to multiply me beyond my understanding. Shame and reproach shall be far from me and my loved ones. My life will continue to be full of thanksgiving and Praise.

Portion 2

This Beautiful Day, The greater dimensions of God’s help will be abundant in my life. I will continue to celebrate the faithfulness of God. Supernatural Blessings will keep bombarding my household.


Portion 3

This Beautiful Day, The Word Of God will keep increasing in my life. Only the will of God will keep happening in my family. Total happiness and victory will continue to be my portion in God.

Portion 4

This Beautiful Day, Success upon success will attend to all the work of my hand. I shall be favored by God and Man. Every aspect of my life shall be vibrant and fruitful. It is spiritual growth galore for me.

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Portion 5

This Beautiful Day, My prayer life shall continue to be very strong. My spirit will continue to be strong in the Lord. My God will continue to rescue me and my loved ones from every danger and wickedness.

Portion 6

This Beautiful Day, Total deliverance is continually my portion. The glory of God will keep manifesting in my life. My life will continue to ooze the tangible presence of God. My destiny is forever secured.

Portion 7

This Beautiful Day, The glory of heaven shall be seen in my life continually. My labour will keep yielding great harvest of good. The good Lord will keep connecting me with more Blessed people.

Portion 8

This Beautiful Day, I shall be used greatly to touch the lives of others positively. My life will continue to be good and progressive. My legs will only take me to goodly places to the glory of God.

Portion 9

This Beautiful Day, The beauty of the Lord shall continue to be seen in my life. Nothing will stop me from going higher and higher in life. I will continue to stand firm in God with every member of my household.

Portion 10

This Beautiful Day, My steps shall be ordered by the Lord. I will continue to live a buoyant and blessed life. Only the will of God shall keep manifesting in my life. The glory of God shall be seen in every aspect of my life.

❤️This is a blessed life. SEE LIFE IN NO OTHER WAY! Stop thinking otherwise and you will really experience the blessed life. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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