10 Top Ten Values of Unstoppable Entrepreneurs


10 Top Ten Values of Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

1. Standing Up 1 More Time

— Stand up one more time than you’re comfortable with and you often get rewarded.

2. Following Through

— Words are meaningless unless they are followed by actions. What matters is what actually gets done by the end of the day.


3. Being Happy No Matter The Circumstances

— There is always a silver-lining. There is always something to be happy about. It’s learning to see that in the worst of times that’s the key to happiness.

4. Leading By Example

— Do not preach that which you do not follow, else it will lose all its meaning.

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5. Giving More Than You Receive

— If you take one and give two. It will end up leaving a positive impact on the world.

6. Taking Massive Responsibility

— You are responsible for where you are. Period. Anything else is just blaming the outside world. It will do nothing for you. No matter what happens, look first at what you did and what you could do.

7. Just A Little Extra

— Do not expect to do twice as good today as you did yesterday. Life is not a race. But do try to do a little bit better. A small improvement a day adds more than you think it does.

8. Being Fully Present

— If you choose to be somewhere then be there with body, mind and spirit. It’s not fair to others nor to you to not give every moment your undivided attention.

9. Being Courageous

— Most of the best things in life happen outside your comfort zone. When you’re scared to do it its most rewarding when you do it. Also: The most important actions in life are often the scariest.

10. No Compromises

— If you value something you do not compromise on it. It doesn’t matter where you are, who’s watching, and how many bad looks you get. If it matters to you you stand up for it and fight for it, even if no one is looking.

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