5 Things I Avoid To Remain Insanely Healthy


5 Things I Avoid To Remain Insanely Healthy

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded. — Wayne Dyer

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It’s been 18 months since I have been consistent with my fitness routine and eating habits. I not only focused on physical health but my mental and emotional wellbeing as well.


Of course it was not easy when I started out and every day was a struggle and I have been up and down in my fitness journey. Instead of focusing on perfection I start rather enjoying day to day progress and making commitment for one day at a time.

After 18 months of continuous every day effort, I can say I am at my best I have been in years. Having a consistent workout, balanced diet and including mindfulness got me where I am today.

I feel happier and healthier that drastically improved my mood, my job quality and how I interact with other people.

I feel physically and mentally strong, learned the art of contentment and read zillions of research around self help and what is working for me and what not.

It’s not like that I have figure it out all, I am still learning and there are 5 things I avoid to remains my best self physically and mentally. I am sure it can help you as well.

1. Waking up Insanely Early

I never considered myself an early morning person and always let myself sleep as much as I can.

When I started my fitness journey, I started waking up 1 hour early and created a morning routine to motivate myself to wake up. This is how I started feeling best in my day.

My morning start with:

Gratitude journal — writing 3 things I am grateful for every day
5 minute meditation
Drink 1 glass of water

2. Workout Out 7x In a Week

I used to workout 60–70 minutes a day and hardly used to take any rest days.

Instead, now I workout 3–4 days in week and some weeks even less than that. I have started adding a few minutes outdoor walk and flexibility exercise to keep my body moving. I have stopped insanely working out in the gym rather I take active recovery days and allow my body to heal and recover to feel its best.

It can give your body and reduce the chance of any injury. It helped me stay stronger and focused on my priorities.

3. Eating Junk And Skipping Meals

I am a big foodie and absolutely love eating food like pizza, burger, fries, and whatnot. When I started my fitness journey, I learned that I need to watch my food habits as well to achieve my fitness goals.

There is a saying, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” There is no rocket science to eat right.

I try to avoid emotional and stress eating. This is one of the major triggers where we start eating unhealthy food.

4. Obsessed with Scale and Numbers

I am a person who watches numbers like a hawk, measuring weight and getting disappointed if it’s not moving after my endless workout sessions.

I stopped reading the scale and started focusing on the progress. You know what I realize the first changes you will see is that instantly your mood has improved, you feel energetic and your mental health is also improving. These improvements are not measured on any scale. You need to feel it within.

5. Self Criticism And Comparing Myself With Other People

I used to self criticize If I skip my workout or get disappointed by not seeing any changes in my body. I limited my social media time and endless browsing to keep my sanity. It instantly made me happier and healthier and let me focus on what is in front of me.

Making progress towards fitness goals means hard work and dedication. But it also means working out smart and staying on your routine.

Cherish the small moments, keep a journal, and write what you’re feeling — happy, ambitious, sad, low or anything.

I’ve learned a lot. I became very interested in yoga and meditation, which helped me come out of my depression. The pressure I had put on myself since my teen years to be “somebody” lifted, and I understood deep down for the first time that none of that matters.

We can’t predict how our future will develop or what the world will look like in the future. Investing in our ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn helps us increase our readiness for the opportunities that change presents and our resilience to the inevitable challenges we’ll experience along the way.

Take some time off for yourself. Do not feel guilty when you are having self care time. Reflect your goals, aspirations and take a little “me” time.

It is never too late to take care of yourself.

Be Bold

Be Courageous

Be Your Best


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