5 Amazing Benefits of Waking up Early I See Barely Anyone Mentioning


5 Amazing Benefits of Waking up Early I See Barely Anyone Mentioning

Not the cliche higher-energy, more time, or stress reduction

As the nascent sun’s delicious red light spills into the darkness, a cicada’s chirp permeates the silent void. A faint whiff of dewy freshness completes this heavenly picture.


Buzzing with bliss, I wonder how dumb I had been to miss out on this for years.

Waking up early isn’t overrated, it’s actually underrated.
Ever since I started rising with the sun, I’ve seen a night and day difference in my life — literally and metaphorically.

Apart from the cliche benefits rampant on the internet, I want to share 4 rarely-talked-about pros.

Your Non-Negotiables Are Handled

Working out is the keystone of my life — unless there’s a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t want to miss a single day.

But in the evenings, a host of culprits derail my workouts — a work meeting running late, traffic, an urgent errand, or a sea of sweaty folks.

With most still asleep, no commitments, and zero traffic, I’m 100% guaranteed to get in my workouts.

If you can’t afford to skip something, don’t test your willpower — delegate it to the rising sun.

A Humongous Headstart on The Rest of The World

Late-night work with droopy eyes and rock bottom energy doesn’t hold a candle to the seething passion of the mornings.

If you’ve slept well, your testosterone will be at its peak. So will be your energy levels and mental clarity. Also, with most sleeping, there are zero noises and distractions. The result?

Ultra-deep and efficient work — that research shows can be up to 5 times as productive as regular work!

Early morning time isn’t part of your 24-hour day — it’s an addition. Wake up an hour earlier and you’ll feel like you “manufactured” extra time.

My friend struggled to juggle working, playing badminton, writing, and his social life. He solved it in a single stroke by pulling back his sleep and wake times.

An Insanely Positive Start to The Day

When you wake up to what I described in the introduction, it’s hard for negative thoughts to crop up.

Research shows the same — shifting your schedule back by just an hour can lead to a 23% lower risk of depression. Morning people have reported higher happiness and motivation than night owls.

With achieving high-quality work and your non-negotiables added to the mix, you’ve got an even better mood to kick the day off.

A High-Quality Thinking Space

I no longer have brainstorm sessions—my morning gym walks have gotten my idea banks overflowing.

Ambling through silent foggy roads with dewy trees and sleeping mongrels evokes an unrivaled sense of calm and serenity — and research shows you’re the most creative when you’re the calmest and most stress-free.

One of my recent walks yielded an idea that might shift the trajectory of my entire life — and many of my latest hits were mornings’ brainchildren.

Ideas are for everyone, not just creatives. As James Altucher says,

“Ideas are the currency of life. Not money. Money gets depleted until you go broke. But good ideas buy you good experiences, buy you better ideas, buy you better experiences, buy you more time, save your life.”

Your Evenings Are Automatically Cleaned Up

Waking up early forces you to sleep early — else fatigue and burnout will catch up to you.

This metamorphoses your evenings and nights — no more delayed dinners, late-night partying, 12 AM snacking, second-show movies, or in-bed social media scrolling.

These snowball into insane positive changes regarding your health, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

How to Sleep Early (Easily)

Sleeping and waking up early burns down to—swapping your low-energy distraction-heavy nights for buzzing-energy-focused mornings.

But when you’ve been sleeping at 5 AM (like I used to), switching to waking up then is impossible. The process has to be gradual:

Establish some schedule. Whether it’s 11 PM or 1 AM, make sure you’re sleeping (and waking up) at the same time every day.
Have a calming bedtime routine. Get rid of electronic screens at least an hour before bed. Take a lukewarm shower. Grab a book, talk to your family, or meditate.
Every 2 days, pull your sleep timings back by 15 minutes. You’ll feel zero difference between 10:30 PM and 10:15 PM. But this will slowly add up.
Disable the snooze button. It’s incredibly tempting to go back to sleep but don’t. Even if you didn’t go to bed early, wake up—your circadian rhythm will adjust.
Ditch the alarm. Once you’ve reached your goal and have stuck to it for at least 2 weeks, ditch your alarm. Since doing this, I’ve been waking up more energized.
Reclaim your mornings. Conquer your days. Transform your life.

Start today.

CONTRIBUTED BY Neeramitra Reddy

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