15 Signs You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Experts (This may surprise you!)


15 Signs You’re Highly Intelligent, According To Experts (This may surprise you!)

If you’ve ever thought about the importance of intelligence in your life, then it is time to stop being shy about your accomplishments.

You might be an intellectual mastermind behind the scenes, able to think up ideas that nobody has ever thought of before. But you also may not have even realized this potential because you are too busy operating under any old-fashioned standards for what constitutes “intelligent” or “smart.”


But there are certain signs that will let everyone know just how intelligent you are- even if they have no idea who you are.

1. You Developed Advanced Problem Solving Skills Early On

When you were little, you learned how to tie your shoes before you officially went to school. Then, when they got too big for your feet, they still stayed tied because you knew how to tie double-knots.

As an adult this may seem like a small accomplishment, but it is undeniably intelligent. Because problems come in all shapes and sizes, it takes advanced skillset to solve them in all situations.

2. You Have A Good Memory And It Is Always Accurate

If you are intelligent then not only will people respect that about you but they will also know that it is due to your excellent memory skills. If you are able to recall certain facts or information faster than others, it is likely because you have an excellent memory.

3. You Are Always Interested In Learning New Things

You love to learn new things, even if they are seemingly trivial pieces of knowledge that will help you immediately. Your curiosity about the unknown is what keeps your mind sharp and your world moving forward with progress. This is one sign that you are highly intelligent.

4. You Are A Great Problem Solver And Think Outside Of The Box

You are the person who sees the problems of your friends, family members, or co-workers and can easily come up with solutions for them without much thought.

Your brain is regularly solving problems all day long, and this is one way that people know that you are one of the smartest around. You are able to break down everything into its smallest parts and then solve it, putting yourself out there as an innovator.

5. You Teach People New Things That They Will Appreciate

Because you can do so many things so well, people will quickly come to respect your abilities. However, they also will be grateful for something else: because of your intelligence they will be able to learn new things about themselves or their surroundings, which is another sign that you are highly intelligent.

6. You Are A Passionate Writer

You may not be as prolific as some other writing experts, but you can write a quality piece of work. If people have to read your work multiple times to understand what you are saying, then they know that you have a great degree of intelligence. You may not have a degree in writing, but that certainly doesn’t negate the value of your writing.

7. You Can Think Of Multiple Scenarios In Different Situations And Know The Best Course Of Action To Take

In every situation where there are multiple options, you do not have to worry about getting confused or overwhelmed. Your mind works quickly to come up with multiple outcomes for every situation, and you are able to figure out the best way to handle them all. You will then take care of that task or problem right away without wasting any time.

8. You Make Your Own Decisions And Stick To Them

If you feel like something isn’t right, then you will not change your mind because others tell you so. You know what is best for you and what your priorities are, and nobody else has the power to change those things for you- which is a sign of intelligence and maturity.

9. You Are Always Thinking About Your Future, And How To Get There

Your thoughts are always turned to your future, not your past. You know that you need to work hard to get where you want to be, so you are constantly making progress toward your goals. This kind of thinking is also a sign of intelligence because it shows that you have an excellent work ethic.

10. You Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity That Comes Along

There will always be people who have more opportunities than others because they work harder or are more connected, but there are many opportunities out there for everyone. If you are intelligent, then you will take advantage of even the smallest ones because they could eventually lead to bigger and better things.

11. You Are Able To Think Of Creative Solutions To Common Problems

You don’t just come up with solutions for problems at your job or in your life, but also for anyone else who needs them. You can think up totally new ideas and directions for people to consider because you have such a strong intelligence. Others may not be able to solve every problem but when they find themselves stuck, they know that it’s time to call you in and see if you can come up with something new.

12. You Always Put The Needs Of Others Above Your Own

You are able to put others’ needs before your own because you want to make sure they are happy. If you were selfish, there would be no need for you to solve their problems- it would be easier just to ignore them completely. You understand that working hard so that others can benefit is the only way to build a strong community and beautiful world.

13. You Are A Great Communicator

You know how to communicate with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations — whether it’s simple conversation or group discussion. You can speak about anything and everything with a wide group of people, and they know that you will be respected in the end.

14. You Are Always Prepared For The Unexpected

Your brain works faster than anyone else’s, and it is because you are always prepared for the unexpected. You don’t waste any time on surprises because you have already come up with a solution ahead of time. This is a sign of intelligence because many people find themselves unprepared when things go wrong, but not you.

15. You Can Think Quickly And Honestly In The Face Of Great Stress Or Pressure

In every situation where there is great stress or pressure, you can think quickly and honestly to get yourself out of it. You are not afraid of making tough decisions, especially when they are the only way out of the deadlock. This is one sign that you are highly intelligent because so many people cannot handle stressful situations.


If the majority of these signs sound familiar to you, then you can be certain that you are incredibly intelligent. You will continue to thrive throughout your life and accomplish great things because of your intelligence and willingness to put in the work.

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You may feel like some of these signs aren’t related, but remember that they all combine together to form the person that you are. Your brain is a powerful thing and there is no denying just how intelligent you really are.

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