One Habit That Made Me Incredibly Creative And Successful


One Habit That Made Me Incredibly Creative And Successful

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ― Albert Einstein

One habit that helps me to think, clear my mind from any stress or to do a self-reflection on certain things that ultimately unlocked the creativity block and made me resilient and passionate about all the things that I want to do.


So now question is what is it and how it has started improving me, right? and how I kept myself motivated. It started with a simple outdoor walk.

When you become a walker, it changes your life. But you may not know how much it improves every aspect. Here’s the evidence, let me give some perspective here.

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If you are not familiar with my journey, I started adding walking in my fitness routine last year in May 2020. Since then this is one of the exercise routines stuck with me.

The movement makes me feel more comfortable in my body. The light, even on a cloudy day, gives me joy.

Made me consistent with my daily activities

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that for me to stick with something, it needs to be a habit that makes me feel better both in the moment and long term.

Exercising every day works because getting outside or even just move away from my laptop feels good.

I know for a fact that on my walk, something or someone will spark a new thought. The simple act of letting go and wandering helps me access ideas I’ve filed away in my head.

Definitely not least, walking has added so much joy to my life! Movement is a gift; I always look forward to a walk. I never see it as something I have to do, I want to do it.

A brisk walk a day helps keep weight gain away.
If I’m stressed out about something, my walk is giving me a new perspective to deal with the situation and how can I over come.

Positive outlook and perspective on my work and writing

It made me positive. I am sure if you like walking, you can feel the difference too. One of the biggest benefits of walking is its mood-boosting effects.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the benefits of walking go way beyond the physical. Many people find that the time alone allows them to think and problem solve. Taking a walk-break from a stressful office work can help you return feeling refreshed and insightful.

A mounting body of research shows that meditation can boost your gray matter, improve focus, and fight depression and anxiety.

I’m not saying that walking is easy or that life is easy. Neither are. But walking is measurable; we count the miles and minutes; we can see where we were at the beginning of our journey, and how far we have come. This teaches a simple truth; Effort produces results, no effort produces nothing. The effort is worth it.

Help me think out of the box

Something about walking gives me a whole new perspective on life and problems at hand. Maybe it’s the fresh air or maybe it’s the act of walking allowing me time to myself and giving me the space to calm down after work.

Walking for me is a gift and a joy to be honest. I always look forward to my walks and fitting them in whenever I can. Walking is an exercise that I want to do and will continue to do.

Walking made me connect more with myself and my quality of work increased significantly.

If you want to start your fitness journey, I would highly recommend starting with walking. You don’t need any special gear or equipment, to begin with.

While walking you can add a podcast, an audiobook, your favorite music playlist in your phone to listen to.

Remember, you are doing this for yourself. Walking is fun and best of all it’s free and doesn’t require much effort to do. Let me know what are the places you like to take a walk.

Go listen to the birds sing. Go feel the wind on your face. Go smile in the sunshine.

A walk makes everything better.
I hope this has inspired you to get your walking shoes on and start walking.

Always remember, every journey needs a first step.

Why wait, let’s start today.

Be Bold

Be Courageous

Be Your Best


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