Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #28


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #28

This precious day, I will continue to live the victor’s life and never the victim’s life. I will continue to triumph over the difficulties of life. I will continue to share more and more testimonies. Everything about my life will continue to please God. I will ever be breaking forth on every side no matter what. My household shall be known as a blessed family to God’s glory.


This Precious Day, I will keep living the great life to the glory of God. Nothing will stop my blessing from coming to me. Every imagination of the wicked concerning my life shall perish. It will continue to be from glory to glory for me. Everything about me will keep blessing humanity. I will always be dreaming big and seeing more and more glorious things in the land of the living.

This Precious Day, I declare joyfully that my time of favor has come. I declare joyfully that the abundance of God shall flood my home. I declare that great peace shall always be mine. I declare that my life will keep expanding gracefully. I declare that victory will always be mine. I declare that I will keep prospering at all levels to the praise of God.

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This Precious Day, The goodness of God will show forth in my life and affairs. My God ordained blessings shall come to me speedily. I will continue to enjoy the leading of the Lord. My health and that of every member of my household will always be sound. More and more favours will continue to be showered on me by God and people.

This Precious Day, My life will continually be a demonstration of God’s power. My life will continually be full of answered prayers. My life will keep panting after God no matter what. I declare that I am free and free forever. The peace of God will continue to reign in my heart. There will always be showers of blessings in my home.

This Precious Day, Things will keep working together for good in my life. I will keep breaking forth in every positive way. Nothing will remove the songs of victory from my mouth. Nothing will take me away from my place of destiny. Nothing will stop me from manifesting the glory of God. Nothing will distract me from succeeding beyond measure.

This Precious Day, People will greatly favor me like never before. There shall be commotion of testimonies in my household. It shall be for me a golden time of restoration. It shall be for me good news galore. It shall be for me and my loved ones promotion upon promotion. My life will continue to influence destinies positively. I know that this is my time of honour!

This Precious Day, My God will settle me like never before. The peace of God will keep reigning in my heart. My God will continue to order my steps into more and more blessings. The journey of life will keep getting sweeter and sweeter for me and all my loved ones. The heavenly life will continue to be my portion and that of every member of my household.

This Precious Day, The grace of God will keep increasing in my life and household. I shall keep dancing for joy. There shall be more and more open door of blessing for me and all my loved ones. Every day in every way things will keep getting better and better for me. Every aspect of my life will keep radiating the glory of God. The wisdom of God is ever my portion.

This Precious Day, My life will continue to glorify God. As the salt of the earth, sweetness shall keep coming out of my life. As the light of the world, I will continue to shine. As the salt of the earth I will continue to bring joy to people around me. My life will always be a glorious example of an extremely blessed life to the glory of God.

❤️The beautiful thing is that when you focus on the good, the good gets better. These blessings can only do you good. Use them and share them 🙏🏿

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