Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #21


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #21

This Precious Day, Only the song of victory will keep coming out of my mouth. My life will continue to be a great wonder to many. I will keep making my mark in the world. I will ever be an inspiration to all my loved ones and my acquaintances to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, A variety of blessings will keep flowing into my life more than ever before. My life will continue to add value to many to the praise of glory of God. I will ever be strong, creative, joyous, happy, whole, loving and strong no matter what.


This Precious Day, The door to more and more favor shall be opened to me. It shall continually be well with me and all my loved ones. Great is always my peace. I will ever be sound in health and very positive in outlook towards life with a continual optimism no matter what.

This Precious Day, I shall not labor in vain. My God will keep connecting me to vast resources for my benefit and the benefit of mankind. I will ever be guided by God to restful places of the earth with many wonderful testimonies of God’s goodness and mercies.

This Precious Day, It shall be good news galore for me. My household has become a no go area for the enemy. The promises of God will keep becoming realities in my life. I will ever be enjoying the abundant life with every member of my family no matter what.

This Precious Day, more and more people of honor shall surround me. Great and mighty things will keep happening in my life. No force of darkness will have its way in my habitation. I will ever be manifesting the beauty of the Lord and many will keep calling me blessed.

This Precious Day, I will continue to experience victories upon victories no matter what. It shall be restoration galore for me. Specific new doors will open in my life. I will ever be meeting achievers and tapping more and more wisdom for greatness from them to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, I shall continue to be strong and healthy. My mouth will continue to taste good things. My spiritual life will keep getting better and better. I will ever be positively focused and creating amazing value in the world with tangible rewards.

This Precious Day, Every part of my life shall bear the mark of God’s favors. Peace will continue to reign in my country. My God will cause His goodness to saturate my life. I will ever be confident and God assured no matter the situation around me.

This Precious Day, I shall continually abound with Godly blessings with my family. It is up and up for me in every positive way. Unbelievable things will keep happening to me. I will ever be enjoying the best of life and the mercies of God will always be abundant in my life.

This Precious Day, My life shall have positive direction. My God shall continually preserve me from any form of evil. My name shall keep attracting untold blessings. I will ever be celebrating the goodness of God in the land of the living no matter what.

❤️One of my mentors wrote a line that changed my life. Here it is: IN CONSISTENCY LIES THE POWER. When you consistently declare blessings over your life, you will keep experiencing blessings. Share the blessings today🙏🏿

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