The beautiful nature of gratitude


The beautiful nature of gratitude

I want to challenge you to think of gratitude in three distinct ways. These ways will encourage you to actively practice gratitude and will cause your potential for joy to surge to an all time high.

• Gratitude is a feeling. It is a sense of joy and appreciation in response to receiving a gift, whether that is a concrete object or an abstract gesture.
• Gratitude is a capacity. It is the learned skill of uncovering and creating meaning and value in everyday situations and relationships.
• Gratitude is a choice. It is a conscious and deliberate decision to focus on life blessing rather than its shortcomings. Life will always have short comings, and it will always have virtues. When you focus on your blessing, your life feels abundant. When you focus on what’s missing, life feels incomplete. As you know by now, where you point the spotlight is purely a matter of choice.


Assume the attitude, though you have it not.
William Shakespeare

However you think of it, gratitude is a powerful magnetic force that naturally draws joy filled people and occurrences into your life. I am glad to report that gratitude is not something you are born withy. We can at least be thankful for that, right?

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Gratitude can be leaned and cultivated throughout your lifetime. But is it possible to grow your gratitude to the point that it is visible to others?

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