10 vital needs for a happy marriage


10 vital needs for a happy marriage

A happy marital life has special needs that couples should do all they can to communicate with each other on a regular basis. I have identified about 10 of them below.

1. COMFORT. Married couples should develop unique ways to comfort each other from time to time. There are days of heavy tasks and pains that come to us all. The couples that really want to live a happier marital life should communicate comfort to each other as the occasion demands.


2. ATTENTION. Everybody loves attention one way or the other. It is in each of us whether we want to admit it or not. Attention means being thoughtful of each other. A man may behave as if he doesn’t care for attention. A wise woman will not believe this! She will give her husband attention from time to time and not focus exclusively on her children. 

3. ACCEPTANCE. There is no one in this life without one fault or the other. Accepting each other in spite of glaring faults is one of the best ways to keep a happy marital life. When people feel accepted and forgiven, they ooze out love to others too.

4. APPRECIATION. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Married couples should constantly communicate appreciation to each other. Don’t take your spouse for granted. Express praise from time to time and see your partner blossoming right before your eyes.

5. SUPPORT. Couples should support each other. The wife is the help meet. I will ever be grateful to my wife for supporting me in every way possible in our family. We should be coverings for one another no matter what!

6. ENCOURAGEMENT. Couples should help each other to reach their goals in life. Part of the joy of living is to find something to reach out for in life. As we focus on reaching our goals, the constant encouragement from each other is a real tonic for success.

7. AFFECTION. Husbands especially should constantly learn to show affection towards their spouses. Tell her you love her. Hold her hands in public. Do things that makes her feel loved and of course what you sow is what you will reap!

8. RESPECT. We all need respect. I know that a man that is respected by the wife can do anything for her. Many women don’t know that the quickest way to warm their way into a man’s heart is by sincerely respecting him. In short, couples should be constantly valuing and esteeming each other.

9. SECURITY. Women especially love security. Men are prone to taking mindless risks. As husbands it is good to always be mindful that a woman will thrive better with a life filled with the comforts of life. Think of your wife and kids before you resign from that job! Continually learn as a man to protect your family from harm, fear or loss.

10. APPROVAL. Couples need to affirm each other from time to time. When people feel approved, they tend to love and thrive more to the benefit of everyone in the relationship.

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