9 rules for getting along with your spouse


9 rules for getting along with your spouse

It is good to do all we can to get along with people and most especially our spouse. When you are in sync with your spouse, you will enjoy the journey of life much better. Let us explore some of the rules for getting along with your spouse.


1. Be comfortable to be with. Don’t cause strain in others.When you keep making yourself comfortable to be with, your spouse will really appreciate your presence. Don’t come home and make a nuisance of yourself by unnecessary shouting or demands.

2. Try not to let things bother you. Be easygoing. If you look at life with optimism and believe that there is nothing that you and God cannot handle together, you will take things easy and this will greatly affect your home life positively.

3. Don’t be egotistical or know it all. Unnecessary argument can cause bickering and bitterness at home. Avoid arguing with your spouse if you cherish peace and harmony at home.

4. Learn to be interesting so that your spouse will get something stimulating from being with you. Even if you are not good at narrating stories, find ways to be humorous. Fight off boredom from your home in every way you can.

5. Eliminate the ‘scratchy’ elements in your personality, traits that can irritate others. We all have certain traits that we are not proud of. Don’t rejoice in this, rather find ways to control yourself and make life easy for everyone in the home. The joy of life is that when we change, others around us tend to change too.

6. Never miss a chance to offer support or say “congratulations”. Life will come with tasks and joys. The ability to know which is which and respond accordingly to each other is vital in keeping the flame of love alive.

7. Work at really liking your spouse. Eventually you will love your spouse naturally. When you like someone, you will see that person as a friend. It is paradisiac to have a spouse who is your friend!

8. Honestly try to heal any misunderstandings and drain off grievances. Like they say in my local language, you cannot walk without shaking your head. Offences will come whether we like it or not. Learn to manage things maturely and disallow any strife from festering. You don’t need that!

9. Develop spiritual depth in yourself and share this strength with your spouse. Let’s not forget that we are not human beings having spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experience. The result for living is growth. The more we grow spiritually, the better we impact those who are around for good including our spouses.

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