One supreme key to a lasting marital peace


One supreme key to a lasting marital peace



In life there are keys to locked doors. A marriage without peace is hell on the earth. A home where there is continual strive will lack peace. And peace is essential for real good things to happen in a home. There is however a supreme key to a lasting marital peace.

The key is forgiveness.

If an individual can decide to forgive everything and anything in a marital union, the result will be a lasting inner peace for the individual and this peace can affect both couple positively. Forgiveness is a powerful secret that many of us don’t use to advance our relationships. Those who practice this powerful habit lives in heaven on the earth. I challenge anyone to practice forgiveness against all odds and they will see that it works like fire. I will offer seven ways to practice forgiveness below

• Take baby steps

Babies don’t give up, and that is why they eventually stand, walk and run! In your marital union, begin to take baby steps in practicing forgiveness.

• Be determined

No one can amount to anything worthwhile in life without determination. In practicing the virtue of forgiveness, we have to be determined. We have to be ready to go the long haul. There should be no going back.

• Read and meditate on appropriate scriptures on forgiveness

There are so many of them. The great emphasy is to forgive any offense just as God has forgiven us. Write these scriptures on a card and carry it around all the time until the meaning has penetrated your heart and mind. This is a powerful practice. Do it! 

• Pray for more grace

We are really nothing without the grace of God. Pray for yourself and your spouse that the grace of forgiveness will flow in your hearts. Forgiveness is a powerful a medicine for the ills of life.

• Be humble towards your partner

It will sound somehow if you keep telling your spouse that you have forgiven him or her. The more you tread this path of pride – the more irritated your spouse will become. Forgive in your heart without broadcasting it.

• Reward yourself

Each time you are able to forgive an offence be happy and find a way to reward yourself. Any behavior that is rewarded will most likely be repeated over and over.

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• Teach others

Whatever we know or do will stick to us better if we dare to teach others. If you know the forgiveness is working for your marriage, find other couples to share this powerful secret with. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!

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