The Great Secret Husbands Wish Wives Knew About Men


The Great Secret Husbands Wish Wives Knew About Men

Many women stand in amazement at how regularly their husbands desire sexual intercourse. In this instance, there is a matter which husbands wish their wives knew about men.


When sexual response is blocked males experience an accumulating physiological pressure which demands release. Two seminal vesicles (small sacs containing semen) gradually fill to capacity; as maximum level is reached, hormonal influences sensitize the man to all sexual stimuli. Whereas a particular woman would be of little interest to him when he is satisfied, he may be eroticized just to be in her presence when he is in a state of deprivation.

A wife may find it difficult to comprehend this accumulating aspect of her husband’s sexual appetite, since her needs are typically less urgent and pressing. Thus, she should recognize that his desire is dictated by definite biochemical forces within his body, and if she loves him, she will seek to satisfy those needs as meaningfully and as regularly as possible. I am not denying that women have definite sexual needs which seek gratification; rather, I am merely explaining that abstinence is usually more difficult for men to tolerate. 

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