Life is all about energy. Without energy nothing can work affectively. Without energy there will be frustration and death. Energy is needed by everyone to function effectively in life. Energy is needed for a marriage to work. 

A high energy marriage is one in which individuals has enough energy to function optimally for a rewarding union. There are 3 unique ways among many others by which a couple can have a high energy marriage.

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The practice of constant forgiveness always release a great burst of energy to function maximally in life. Resentments, bitterness and unforgiveness will always sap your energy and make you unhappy in life. Ruth Fishel wrote, “It has been said that holding on to one’s resentments is like drinking arsenic acid and expecting the other person to die. Or, like holding a burning coal in one hand waiting for the perfect time to throw it at someone, while it burns our own hand in the process.”

The simple truth is that, whenever we choose not to forgive and forget, we hurt no one but ourselves in life.


Whenever we indulge in blaming each other in a marital union, we sap our energy and stagnate. Blaming each other will get you nowhere but will always bring troubles upon troubles. No one is perfect and the moment we are not mindful of this fact, we will waste precious energy in indulging in blame games which is inimical to progress in life. If a couple wants to have a high energy marriage, they should endeavour never to blame each other for this or that. They should accept each other and leave room for growth that always come from honest mistakes.

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Regret is a great energy sapper. Those who indulge in regrets don’t move forward. They are always drained and tired. Progress and regrets are enemies. You can’t make progress with regrets and you can’t have regrets and make progress. Okay this and that has happened, but life must go on. Okay a mistake has been made but life must go on. Moaning about past mistakes will get us nowhere but keep us in the pit of pains and paralysis. We can still do a lot to make tomorrow better. We can still do a lot to make the marriage work. We can still have a shinning future out of the ashes of today. What every couple need wherever a mistake has been made, is to brace up and strive to make better choices next time and work out a new opportunity for progress. Regrets don’t help; rather it kills the energy to work out a better tomorrow. 


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