Some interesting facts for your family Part 1


Some interesting facts for your family Part 1

  1. Keeping cool in hot weather

In hot weather wet the lobe of your ears with some saliva and fan yourself for a quick cooling. It is particularly effective when driving in a new car with open windows, when the fanning is not necessary.
Running cold water over wrists and elbows is also very cooling.

  1. Feet

Regularly massage your feet with baby oil or olive oil to avoid any callouses on the feet.

  1. Eyes

When your eyes feel tired, bathe them morning and night with warm salted water (one teacup of warm water to a half a teaspoon of salt)

Give your tired eyes some exercise while at work during the day, or while reading or looking at television: keep your head straight, roll your eyes clockwise, then anti-clockwise for one minute.

  1. Coconut

Monthly period pains will be relieved by eating freshly grated coconut.

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  1. Catarrh

One can get relief from catarrh by squeezing and inhaling two drops of salted water into each nostril, morning and night (half a teaspoon of common salt to half a teacup of warm water)

  1. Bowels

Apples increase the fiber content in your diet, which improves the efficiency of bowel action and can prevent constipation and other bowel disorders.

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple helps the digestion and is recommended after a rich dinner. It also acts as a laxative.

A pinch of salt sprinkled on fresh pineapple will neutralize the acidity of the fruit.


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