4 lessons my mentor taught me about marriage


4 Lessons My Mentor Taught Me About Marriage

My mentor taught me many great things about life which is helping me on constant basis. He taught me some vital lessons about marriage that I will cherish for many years to come. Let me share four of them with you. 


1. Whatever I do to my wife, I am doing to myself. This insight has helped me to carefully monitor what I do to my wife! It has to be good because I can’t afford to do anything bad to myself. I can see that if we could see things this way, we will be able to avoid many ugly situations at home and boost marital harmony. Whenever we see things in the right perspective, we will eliminate or reduce unecessary frictions at home. 

2. What I call my wife is whatever I am. Whatever I think of my wife, that is what I am. All this is a fall out of the Scriptural revelation that two shall become one after the marital union. When I see my wife as one with me, it will be very difficult to indulge in selfish acts that can threaten the peace of our home. 

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3. Lack of peace in any marriage is principally a function of lack of wisdom. As long as I keep myself open to wisdom, I will continue to discover ways to enjoy a lasting and joyful marriage. I think when we are closed to wisdom at any level of existence, we usually dearly pay for it. 

4. As a man, I am principally responsible for the family finances. Whatever my wife does financially in the house is not mandatory but a privilege. I should always be grateful for her assistance. This wisdom has helped me a lot to face my responsibilities as much as I can. There is no way that we choose to embrace responsibilities that it will not help us to become better individuals.

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