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Ask yourself what Truly Matters, not to the world, not to anyone else, but to you.

What do you stand for?


What would you die for?

What would you live for?

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There are a lot of things that you can do that bring success.

From waking up early to working long hours late into the night, from eating healthy to drinking a lot of water, from being fit to being charitable, everything you do can be a sign of success.

The thing that most people get wrong is that they do not make their journey personal.

They chase a version of success that they are told they need to by the world but that is not theirs.

They chase money, cars, relationships, career, power or status, in the hopes that this will make them be filled with pride.

Nothing, and I repeat that: Nothing will make you feel successful unless it is what you personally value.

“When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” — Eric Thomas

Success, objectively, can be achieved by just following as many of the tips you see online as possible.

There are so many tips out there, and almost all of them have some basis for being on that particular list.

But they are just tips that work for the average person; not for you.

Your version of success, what you strive for, needs to be either something you cannot not work towards, or something so enticing that it would be a shame to let that go.

For some this means their kids that they would give everything for, for others it is the comradery they met in life-threatening situations.

Some will find success when they strive to help people psychologically, while others want to fix others physically.

Some will feel successful when they have broken a new record or when they made their parents proud of them.

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Nothing is a bad idea of success. As long as it is yours, and as long as you feel it is worth living for, it will carry you far.

From there follow these habits to make your success not optional:

Count Your Wins — Count every day you work towards success, not every day you miss. The ones you miss don’t matter.

Work Every Day — Plan to do something for your success 365 days a year, no exceptions. No weekends, Sundays, holidays, sick days; no exceptions.

Let Go Of Everything Else — If it does not aid to your success in some form then drop it. Just know that success requires energy and fun as well.

Learn From Winners — Learn from those that have what you want. Do not trust those that do not have it.

Balance Your Life — You need a well balanced life to create a strong driving force. From there you can expand upon the entire balance.

Test Your Comfort Zone — It works like a muscle; if you do not strain it and let it rest it will never grow.
Money Makes Money — Know that the only shortcut to success is to spend money to make more. That’s it.

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Do It All — Everything adds a little bit. Add every positive tip to your life that you can. Stack your deck. Play unfair.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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