8 Soft Skills Employers Want to See in Your Resume


93% of all employers see soft skills as a must-have on a resume. Here are 8 of the most demanded ones.

There exist many ways to craft a great resume. You can look into the company or analyze the job description to figure out what the employer views as important as an example.


Maybe the company helps other businesses grow, and if you previously helped grow a company’s revenue by xx% in x years, then that’s something that should consider putting into your resume.

That’s one way to tailor and optimize one’s resume, but something employers also would like to see is your soft skills. One group of skill experts stated that it’s crucial to implement soft skills into your resume.

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93% of employers say that soft skills play an important role when they must desire whom to hire (Source: Ziprecruiter’s report — Job Market Outlook for Grads)

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are interpersonal attributes that are crucial for succeeding in a company. They involve many different abilities, and some are far more important than others.

“I would say, in general, communication is very high on that list right now considering how people are working in very different situations, hybrid situations” says Kristin Kelley: Chief marketing officer at CareerBuilder, as an example

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The most important soft skills

ZipRecruiter scraped their site for the most in-demand soft skills. Here you have the top-demanded soft skills, and the number of jobs that requires you to be in possession of these:

Communication skills: 6.1 million jobs listed this skill
Customer service: 5.5 million jobs listed this skill

Scheduling: 5 million jobs listed this skil

Time management skills: 3.6 million jobs listed this skill

Project management: 2.8 million jobs listed this skill

Analytical thinking: 2.7 million jobs listed this skill

Ability to work independently: 2 million jobs listed this skill

Flexibility: 1.3 million jobs listed this skill

What has changed?

As Kristin Kelley mentioned, communication has become more important than ever before, and it really matters due to the new post-pandemic circumstances. How you choose to respond to an email can change the whole picture.

I also know from personal experience that when advancing in the Credit Suisse recruitment process you must participate in an online mail correspondence to show how you prioritize emails, and how you respond to them.

Diversity and inclusion activities

Communication skills are also becoming more essential due to the focus on diversity and inclusion activities. Now you’ll often be in contact with many different people with different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and personalities — thus knowing how to communicate with any person is crucial.

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Conclusion + pro tip

Soft skills are simply far more important than many think, and they should be implemented into your resume. The 8 skills above are a great place to start.

Pro tip: Write about specific situations where you used your soft skills, don’t just put 15 soft skills next to each other without talking about how you used them in action

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