3 Habits of Highly Positive People (POWERFUL)


You refuse to be with those who make you feel like sh*t.

“Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.” ~ Deep Roy.


It’s been a while since I made a similar article like this, so I will make a new one, and here it goes. I hope you like this recent piece on the topic.

Everyone wants to feel more positive in life. In the end, it all comes to your mindset and the concept you have about the world and yourself.

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Do you lose control over yourself when things don’t go right, or do you say “Everything will work out.” when life gets hard?

It’s completely natural to feel negative for most people because we have been taught to have negative concepts about the world by our parents from birth. Yet, many don’t understand why they feel negative all the time.

Our belief system is programmed and formed up to the age of 7.

Here is a statement from this source:

“Dr. Bruce Lipton states that we are being programmed for our first seven years and that 95% of the results in our life come from that programming of the subconscious. This form of repetition will change the way your subconscious functions.”

You’ll watch your life improve when you develop new habits that make you feel mentally better. Being positive is not about smiling all the time or living in the mountain as a monk.

It’s a mindset. It’s a mentality. It’s a lifestyle.

1# You Refuse To Be With Those Who Make You Feel Like Sh*t.

You become those you surround yourself with. If you wonder why you’re always negative, check the people you invite into your life. Are they making your life better or more difficult?

Being around happy people is contagious to you. You will feel more optimistic when you are around optimistic people.

Be selective of who you invite into your life, and you will see a difference in your life. People can be a part of your misery or happiness.

Be with negative people, and you will feel hurt by their negative words, or be with positive people and feel more motivated by their encouragement.

Being around happy and uplifting people is contagious but in the end, you have to remember it’s your job first to make yourself happy.

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How To Apply.

Be selective about who you let in. Spend some time alone and think about the people you have in your life. We think better when we are alone. Remember to ask yourself, “Do they bring value in my life or make me miserable?”

“My environment is always calm and relaxing.”
Important Quote of the Topic.

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” ~ Oprah Winfrey.

2# You Follow Your Dream Instead Of Your Parent’s Dream.

You truly hack the system when you start doing what’s good for your heart instead of what your parents think is good for your future.

It’s very common for parents who want their children to come to lawyers or doctors. The truth is, not everyone wants to be in those two occupations. If being a janitor makes you happy, go for that dream. If you’re going to be a business owner, go for it.

Everyone’s journey in life is different. If everyone followed the same path in life, it would be easy, quick, and boring. It doesn’t hurt to take a challenging approach in life. If you keep listening to what other people tell you to do, you’ll never feel pleased in life, and it will be more challenging to find your true purpose in life.

People can guide you and give you an idea of what you what to pursue, but in the end, your heart knows what’s best for you, so listen to your heart first, what does it tell you?

No one knows yourself better than yourself.

You are strong if you can say, “You do you, but I follow my own road.”

How To Apply.

Do what you feel is right for you and not what your parents think is right for you. Say no to what feels uncomfortable for you without hesitance. Try to meditate, and you will likely find the answer in silence.


“My own heart knows what’s best for me.”
Important Quote of the Topic.

“There are no footsteps to follow on your own path, but that’s where the fun and adventure live.” ~ Doe Zantamata.

3# You Make Sure To Be Around Nature As Often As You Can.

Being around nature can remind you of who you are. There is so much peace in nature, and it makes you think clearly about what your true purpose is.

Getting serotonin is super important during the cold season and still important during the warm season. I feel better mentally and emotionally after being in nature for a few hours while exposed to the sun.

I feel more grounded and in touch with who I am. I feel happier, more relaxed. It’s amazing what a few hours in nature can do for your well-being.

When you’re in harmony with nature, you’re in harmony with yourself.

You may wonder why you’re always negative. Serotonin can change your mood if you expose yourself to the sun or exercise more.

I have the source for the support here from Harvard Health Publishing.

“One natural way to increase serotonin is by working out.”
“Exposure to either the sun or to the bright light meant to replicate it is another way to naturally increase serotonin levels.”
How To Apply.

Make a schedule where you have some time to take a walk in the local park as a way to recharge your energy and feel better mentally and emotionally. You will likely come home with new ideas.

“I can feel my spirit recharged by this sacred time outdoors.”
Important Quote of the Topic.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. “ ~ Albert Einstein.

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The Final Thoughts.

When you have the right tools to feel more positive in life, your life will get easier and better. It’s essential to enjoy the present moment more.

It doesn’t mean you can’t feel sad; positive people allow themselves to feel sad, but they don’t let themselves blame everyone for their problems. They always look at the bright side of the story.


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