Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #78 


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #78

Portion 1

This Great Day, My God will keep changing my levels to His glory. Supernatural turnaround for all round glory is ever my portion. Every mountain shall be made plain for me.

Portion 2

This Great Day, I will continue to triumph gallantly in every way to the glory and praise of God. Fear and oppression will never thrive in my life and I will continue to prosper exceedingly to God’s glory and honour.


Portion 3

This Great Day, unequal victory is constantly my portion. The praise of God shall continually be in my mouth. The force of favor will keep working in my life.

Portion 4

This Great Day, Those who hate me in any way will have no power over me. Higher and higher victory is my portion over all my enemies.

Portion 5

This Great Day, My God will continue to grant me unparalleled Favour in the sight of all my enemies. Those I don’t know will surely serve me.

Portion 6

This Great Day, Unusual promotion is ever my portion. God and people will greatly Favour me beyond my comprehension. I will continue to be a high flier on the earth.

Portion 7

This Great Day, Divine mysteries for unstoppable living will be revealed to me. The force of victory will continue to work for me.

Portion 8

This Great Day, All that is within me will continue to praise God. God’s blessings will keep coming down upon me in torrents.

Portion 9

This Great Day, I will keep changing positively from glory to glory. The Spirit of God will keep working wonders in my life. The things of God will keep growing in my life.

Portion 10

This Great Day, There shall be no form of corruption in and around my life. Different people will keep seeking to bless me and my household.

Portion 11

This Great Day, Everything will keep answering for me positively. No setback in the nation economy will in any way affect my income negatively.

Portion 12

This Great Day, My own good will not escape me. I shall be catapulted to great places of honour. My life will continue to bless many people to the glory of God.

❤️I am greatly blessed sharing these blessings everyday with YOU. Remember to keep sharing the blessings too!🙏🏿

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