Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #54


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #54

This Great Week, beautiful new things will enter my life. Everything will keep working together for good in my life. Only goodness and mercies will keep following me and my household. It is forever well with me and my loved ones to the glory of God.

This Great Week, Marvelous things will keep happening in my life. The power of God will keep working for me in great ways. No weapon designed against my well being will work. Great things will keep happening to me and in my household.


This Great Week, The tender mercies of God shall be seen all over my life. Wherever I go, It shall be miracles galore . Nothing will stop me from making great impact in life. The heavenly life will continue to be my portion. Every plan of the wicked to spoil my joy will not work.

This Great Week, I will keep winning and winning. The Word of God will continue to add to me. I will keep seeing the glory of God in all areas of my life. It is forever well with me in every way. Total joy with unending financial miracles shall keep happening in my life.

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This Great Week, The grace of God will keep enlarging my life in greater dimensions. I shall keep becoming a human nation. The goodness of God will keep oozing out of my life.

This Great Week, My God will keep expressing His abundance through me. Success upon success will always be my heritage. I shall be empowered beyond measure for more and more exploits.

This Great Week, I decree that no yoke of the enemy will move near me and my loved ones. I will keep going higher and higher in dimensions of faith. My life will keep blessing lives in multitudes.

This Great Week, Every obstacle standing on my way shall be shattered.The supplies of heaven shall surround me on constant basis. Favour upon favours shall be upon me in greater dimensions.

This Great Week, I shall keep commanding exploits without limit. Lasting success is continually my portion. It shall be all round rest for me and my household. My God will keep reaching out to me with His tender mercies.

This Great Week, Every plan of the wicked is crushed out of my life and destiny. Unimaginable success is ever my portion. I will continue to arise and shine. I will continue to subdue the power of darkness through God.

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