Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #46


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #46

This Blessed Month, I will continue to subdue kingdoms. I will keep walking in supernatural abundance with unstoppable supplies to meet my responsibilities to God’s glory and praise.

This Blessed Month, I will continue to breakthrough on every side. The river of joy will continually flow in and through me. It shall be celebration galore for me all the time.


This Blessed Month, I will continue to have all sufficiency in all things and abounding in every good work. My life will continue to be an amazement to many. It is ever well with me no matter what.

This Blessed Month, The fountain of joy in me will never run dry. I will continue to be a tireless giver. Miracles, signs and wonders will keep happening in my life to the glory of God.

This Blessed Month, My life will continue to be full of light. Every cell in my body will keep bubbling with good health. The ever winning grace upon me wil never diminish.

This Blessed Month, I choose to obey God in everything. I choose to win and keep winning no matter what. No trap of the enemy will, catch me and my loved ones.

This Blessed Month, My strength will keep waxing stronger and stronger. The blessings of the Lord will continue to dominate my life. My financial future will continue to be solid in God.

This Blessed Month, I am entering into my next chapter of blessings. I will never be under any pressure for anything. My life will continue to water people in every way.

This Blessed Month, I shall not be under any form of stress. I will continue to use money to defend people. The mercies of God will continue to surround me on every side to God’s glory.

This Blessed Month, I receive the Spirit of love afresh to empower me into next levels of abundance. I will keep manifesting the glory of God I greater dimensions.

This Blessed Month, I shall be empowered to keep making great things happen to the glory of God. My life will keep bringing smiles and happiness to many. Increase upon increase is my portion.

❤️Blessing yourself daily is like sowing a seed and watering it every day. Be assured that the day of harvest will definitely come! Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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