Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #50


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #50

Blessed Day, The journey of life will continue to Favour me. Nothing and no one will limit my joy in any way. I will ever be getting stronger and stronger in my spirit, soul and body. My time of greater progress has finally come to the praise of God.


This Blessed Day, I shall experience more and greater peace and harmony. Only sweetness and overflowing joy will be issuing from my life to humanity. It shall continually be heaven on the earth for me and my household.

This Blessed Day, The light of heaven will keep shining upon me and my household. There shall be a continual open heavens over my life. Peaceful and victorious thoughts will keep flowing all over my mental system. It will continue to be well with me and my loved ones.

This Blessed Day, I will continue to greatly enjoy this life. My Father God will give me Positive financial surprises. The revelation of God’s goodness will continue to fill my heart.

This Blessed Day, My road shall be smooth. My household will keep experiencing the deepest blessings of God. Whatever may want to hinder my joy and peace shall be disgraced.

This Blessed Day, I shall remain untouchable to the enemy. I shall keep going from glory to glory. I will continue to possess my possessions no matter what.

This Blessed Day, The topmost top is ever my portion. Wisdom and understanding shall continue to fill up my heart. The work of my hands will continue to flourish abundantly.

This Blessed Day, Total victory is ever my portion. The abundant life is forever my heritage. Nothing and no one will hold me hostage in any way. All round breakthroughs is ever my portion.

This Blessed Day, My God will continue to decorate my destiny. The mind of God will continue to be my mind. No satanic plans will ever work in my life.

This Blessed Day, I declare that God is ever my security. My God will continually exempt me from the clutches of the enemies. It is forever well with me and my household.

❤️What your mind is full of will greatly influence what appears in your life. Let your mind be full of blessings and your life will be full of blessings. Use and share these blessings.🙏🏿

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