See how Secondary school student attacks, strips teacher naked in Imo (Photos)


See how Secondary school student attacks, strips teacher naked in Imo (Photos)

The education sector especially secondary schools in danger of complete collapse and if recent happenings are any to go by, one seriously fears for the future of the country.

Happenings and reports across the country in recent times have highlighted the level of decay in secondary schools.


On Monday last week, the Ogun State government had to shut down 12 secondary schools over student’s unrest.

This was necessitated due to constant clashes between warring cults group and various incidents of attacks on teachers and other staff of various schools in the state.

Later in the week, the level of bully that goes on in secondary schools was highlighted by the death of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni Junior, a student of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos State.

The student died due to injuries he allegedly received from a group of fellow senior students who had bullied, beaten and tortured him because they reportedly wanted him to join a secret cult.

Just as reactions continue to trail the death of Sylvester, a new video making the rounds on social media has shed more insight into decadence in secondary schools.

In the video, a student from Federal Government College, Owerri, Imo State can be seen bullying and beating a teacher.

The student held firmly to the teacher whom she had stripped to the extent that her undergarments were visible.

The student then rained slaps on the teacher who stood defencelessly at the mercy of her attacker.

Just as the teacher took time to adjust her clothes to cover her body, she received another set of slaps from the student.

It took the intervention of other students who prevailed on the attacker before she let go of the teacher.

Some students could actually be seen making derogatory remarks at the teacher after the attacker was pulled away.

One student even asked the attacker if “she was satisfied?” while another continued to bark at the teacher.

It can be recalled that The Street Journal also reported how a senior secondary student in Abraka, Delta State beat his teacher to death because the teacher had flogged his younger sister.


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