Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #18


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #18

This Precious Day, Life will keep getting better and sweeter for me. I shall be empowered for more and more of a giving life. People will keep encountering God through my lifestyle. I declare that it shall be success upon success for me in all that I do to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, Good thoughts will keep filling my mind for more exploits. My God will remember me for good and give me a new story of blessing to tell. People from far and near shall call me to bless me. I shall continue to live the super abundant life to the praise of God.


This Precious Day, unimaginable financial blessings is my portion. I will continue to scale new heights. My rest in God will keep increasing more and more. Nothing will worry me in any way. Every member of my household shall keep enjoying divine health with me.

This Precious Day, The blessing of the Lord will continue to surround me on every side. My loved ones shall continue to witness the goodness of God. My God shall keep preserving me from all evil. My God shall keep preserving my soul. Great ideas of blessings will keep flooding my mind.

This Precious Day, I shall experience great harvest. Divine protection is ever my portion. It is victory unlimited for me to the glory of God my Father. I shall keep singing the songs of joy. I shall keep experiencing divine favours everywhere I go. It shall be profits galore for me.

This Precious Day, I will keep having more revelations in the word of God. I shall receive calls of blessings from different places. Divine ingenuity is ever my portion. The heavens will continue to open over my life and my family. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength.

This Precious Day, I will keep reigning as a king and a priest in this world. Nothing will shake me. No one will have power over my destiny. I will continue to prevail over every circumstances of life to the glory of God. I will keep enjoying vibrant health in every way with my loved ones.

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #18

This Precious Day, My God will open my understanding more and more. I shall continually be an example of a blessed life with my household to my generation. Money will keep flowing to me to enjoy this life and defend my loved ones and many other people to the praise of God.

This Precious Day, Better things shall keep coming to me to live the abundant life. It is forward ever and backward never for me. I will continue to be a shining light to my generation. I will continue to attract the good things of life. I will continue to grow spiritually with joy.

This Precious Day, Deep insights that will keep me perpetually on the winning wings of life will keep drenching my soul. As for me and my household, it is success unlimited. As for me and my house, we will keep serving the Lord. It is progress ever and setback never for me.

This Precious Day, My God will speedily do a new thing in my life. Things are getting better and better for me in every positive way. It is a new day of more and more victory for me. It is a new day for more and more promotion for me.

❤️I remembered vividly when I started writing these blessings declarations several years ago. I was so hungry for positive changes in my life after a nasty setback. The blessings worked and they are STILL working for me! Dare to use and share the blessings too🙏🏿

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