Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #11


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #11

This blessed day, I declare that there is a seal over me for more and more glory and power. I shall keep demonstrating the manifold grace of God in every area of my life. It shall continue to be up and up for me. The healing power of God will keep flowing in my life!

This blessed day, possibilities shall continue to abound in my life. I will keep radiating the goodness of God. Total happiness is ever my portion. Signs and wonders will keep happening in my life for my good and the good of humanity. I will always be stable and joyful no matter what!


This blessed day, it shall be celebration galore for me. It will continue to be well with me and all my loved ones. Total restoration is ever my portion. Whatever was stolen from me are being restored supernaturally to the glory of my Father God. The land of my country shall continue to yield her treasures to me!

This blessed day, unstoppable advancement is forever my portion. Divine honor is forever my heritage. There shall be commotion of blessings in my life. I declare that struggles are over in my life. Strangers shall continually be on a stampede to be a great blessing to me!

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This blessed day, I declare that divine Favour is forever my portion. More and more blessings shall be on the increase in my life. The turnaround power of God will keep working in my life in unimaginable ways. I will ever be dancing for joy. Many will continue to experience happiness through my activities to the glory of my Father God!

This blessed day, I declare again and again that the battle over my destiny and that of my family is over. I will continue to create favorable circumstances for more and more progress. I will keep having it the way I want it. No opposition of the enemy will prevail in any area of my life. I shall never be frustrated in any way!

This blessed day, my God will cause His face to shine on me. My God will keep defending me. My God will continue to be my confidence. My God will continue to show me His unfailing love. I will continue to soar on wings like eagles. I will continue to rule and reign on the earth!

This blessed day, the journey of life will continue to favour me exceedingly. I will always be on top of every situation of life. I will always be cool, calm and confident. Nothing and no one will trouble or agitate me in any way. It shall continue to be all round rest for me and my household. My God will continue to perfect all that concerns me!

This blessed day, Goodness and mercy will continue to follow me and all my loved ones. I will continue to influence lives positively to the glory of God. My life will continue be a demonstration of the faithfulness of God. I will continue to delight in the word of the Lord day and night!

This blessed day, it shall be forward ever and backwards never for me. I will continue to shout for joy. I will continue to have a vibrant health with every member of my family. As for me and my household, we will continue to serve the Lord no matter what. My God will continue to make my steps firm!

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❤️It will very difficult for me to estimate the unimaginable blessings that I have received since I started using and sharing these blessings declarations several years ago. I even have over 50 volumes of printed version. THESE BLESSINGS WORK! Use and share them daily🙏🏿


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