Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #08


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #08

This amazing day, my life will continue to have positive meaning. I will keep growing stronger and stronger. Total health is forever my portion. It shall continue to be laughter galore for me and my household. I will continue to be blessed beyond measure!

This amazing day, I will keep doing the right things. I will keep living a life of forgiveness and mercy towards myself and others. Nothing and no one will get me down in any way. It shall continue to be easy, effortless and enjoyable for me in every area of my existence to the glory of my Father God!


This amazing day, the journey of life will ever remain sweet for me. There shall be no trace of anxiety or fears in me. My heart will remain fixed on the loving kindness of God. I will continue to eat in plenty and be satisfied. Every member of my family shall keep experiencing the wonders of God!

This amazing day, more and more opportunities for unimaginable progress will keep coming my way. I will ever be a billion steps ahead of my enemies. It shall continue to be a robust existence for me and my loved ones. I will continue to keep my face to the sunshine so that I won’t see the shadows of life!

This amazing day, I will continue to excel in the works of my hands. I will keep living the great life no matter what. I shall remain a victor and never be a victim. Victory upon victory will continue to be my heritage. The wisdom of God will keep saturating my mind for unending riches!

This amazing day, I will keep living the passionate existence. The light of heaven will surround me everywhere I go. I shall be connected to people of honor. I shall be full of unspeakable joy always. The abundant life is forever my heritage. The blessings of the Lord that makes rich and add no sorrow is ever my portion!

This amazing day, People shall definitely remember me for good. I will keep getting positive results from all my endeavors. I will keep hearing good news concerning my loved ones. This country will continue to favour me no matter what. I refuse to see any form of negativity. I hold on firmly to the faithfulness of my Father God!

This amazing day, deeper peace of mind is my portion. My enemies will not see me. My life will keep adding tremendous value to many. My health will always be sound. My finances will continue to be on the excellent path. All my relationships shall be positive. It shall continue to be good news galore for me!

This amazing day, My legs will work on new beautiful places. My hands will touch brand new blessings. My ears will hear new stories of blessings. My mouth shall taste very rich and beneficial food. I shall keep going from glory to glory. I shall keep breaking forth on every side to the glory of God!

This amazing day, the wind of blessings will keep blowing upon me in greater dimensions. I shall not die but live to declare the glory of God, I shall continue to be celebrated wherever I go. Joy shall fill my heart afresh. I am ever on the winning side. I am ever getting richer and richer!

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