Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #09


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #09

This wonderful day, success upon success is my heritage. No obstacle shall prevent me from breaking forth on every side. I shall keep experiencing pleasant surprises in every area of my life. My eyes shall continue to see good. The things of God will keep getting clearer and clearer to me!

This wonderful day, I will ever be determined to see breakthrough upon breakthrough in all areas of my life. Things of darkness will never come near me in any way. I will keep going forward and upward to the glory of my Father God. I will keep making extraordinary profits in all my business endeavors!


This wonderful day, the enemy will not have his way in my life. I will continue to thread upon serpents and scorpions with no fear. My God shall comfort me on every side. Wherever I go, it shall continue to be well with me and every member of my family. My heart will always be full of joy. I will continue to live a life of appreciation!

This wonderful day, I shall rejoice and be glad. I shall remain ever positive and enthusiastic. I shall experience true inner peace no matter what. It shall surely be testimony galore for me and my loved ones. Good news will keep coming to me from near and far to God’s glory and praise!

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This wonderful day, life shall be good to me. People shall be good to me. Nature shall be good to me. I shall experience notable miracles. I shall keep getting stronger, bolder and more courageous. My mind shall be free from worries and anxiety. I declare that I am blessed!

This wonderful day, the word of God will continue to be my compass. I shall encounter people of honor and grace. My life shall be full of gratitude. I will always be going forward and upward. I will always be winning. I will always be experiencing total joy!

This wonderful day, everything about me shall bear the mark of excellence. No evil shall befall me and all my loved ones. My God will keep preserving my going out and coming in. Divine health is forever my portion. Nothing and no one shall get me down in any way!

This wonderful day, this country shall continue to favour me. I will keep enjoying the blessings of the land. I will keep living in the light. I will ever be advancing forward. I will keep prospering no matter the state of the economy. All my bills are paid with joy and without any trace of stress!

This wonderful day, everything about my life will keep pleasing God. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. The peace of God will keep my heart and mind. My God will continue to supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!

This wonderful day, my life shall ever be blessed beyond measure. No negativity will endure around me. I will ever be wired to keep seeing the goodness of God. The heavenly life will continue to be my portion. It will always be total health for me and all my loved ones. This is my day in every positive way!

❤️Did you know that life is all about PROGRAMMING? It is not possible to seriously go over these blessings declarations daily and not see positive changes in your life! DO SHARE WITH OTHERS TOO🙏🏿

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