Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #07


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #07

This marvelous day, the land shall be subdued before me. I will keep breaking through on every level. I will continue to be a pacesetter in my generation to the glory of God. Things will keep getting better and better for me!

This marvelous day, I will keep manifesting the wonders of God. I will continue to be strong in spirit, soul and body. My story will keep changing dramatically. Total transformation will continue to be my portion and that of all my loved ones!


This marvelous day, I declare that my light will keep shining. I declare that everyone in my household is blessed beyond measure. I declare that my life will always be a great blessing to many. I declare that my time of unending blessings has come!

This marvelous day, I declare that my change has come. I declare unending victory for me and my household. It shall be testimonies galore for me. My God will keep granting me access to light that will dominate any form of darkness around my life. No enemy will be able to stand before me!

This marvelous day, fears and anxieties will never be my portion. Unending supply of good is ever my portion. My God will continue to perfect all that concerns me. I will continue to stand perfect and complete in all the will of God!

This marvelous day, the confident life is my heritage. I declare my eternal escape from the hands of the wicked. I will continue to celebrate the goodness of God. Joy upon joy will continue to be my portion. Life will ever be good to me!

This marvelous day, The mercies of God will keep covering my life. It shall be favour galore for me and my household. I will keep singing the songs of joy. My health will continue to be sound and vibrant. Wherever I go, I will keep connecting the grace of God!

This marvelous day, it shall be progress unlimited for me. The future will continue to be bright for me. It shall be forward ever and backwards never for me. All my plans will succeed gallantly. All my family members shall witness peace. All my organs shall keep working perfectly!

This marvelous day, my light will keep shining brighter and brighter. My home shall be in abiding peace and joy. I shall hear good news. I shall eat in plenty. I will witness unimaginable multiplication in my life and business. The peace of God that passes all understanding shall continually be my portion!

This marvelous day, divine fortune will continue to be my portion. Unending progress will continue to be my portion. I will continue to see more and more blessings in all my endeavors. The schemes of the enemies will always fail woefully in my life to the glory of God!

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