Open letter to all students #1


Open letter to all students #1

Dear Student!


Someone once wrote, “Don’t make your goals too easy, you will be cheating yourself.” In other word, do things that will make you push yourself to succeed more and more in life. Go for the best. Aim high. Dream big.

Do not choose the low life. Choose the life that you will be proud of. Choose the life that will glorify God on the earth and go for it. I always maintain that no one is too young to succeed.

There is so much packaged into you by God that you can’t just afford to choose the low life! You are created in the image and likeness of the Most High God. You have the mind of Christ and you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Get ready daily to push yourself. Charge out of your bed and face each day with courage and optimism. Read inspiring passages from books and renew your mind daily with the Holy Scriptures.

Mind daily what goes into your mind. Choose inspiring subjects and words to think about throughout the day. Give your mind something positive to do before the enemy gives it something negative to think about. 

Life is a warfare and not a fun fare. Some people who are not serious with life will consistently try to distract you. Watch out! You can’t afford to be distracted and truncate your destiny.

Your destiny is precious. Guard it tightly. Attack your studies ferociously and get the best! You can do it. You can be among the topmost top in the class and in your school. Choose to daily work on your attitudes.

Dress well and neat. Smile and face life with faith and determination that you will bring joy to humanity by your own brand of life!

You Will Succeed!

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