How to service your car radiator


How to service your car radiator

Radiator Service. The key to well performing radiator is the quality of coolant the liquid that runs through it.  


Old or contaminated coolant can ruin an engine by causing corrosion or rust especially because many engines today are made by alloy not cast iron.  It also lead to overheating which in a modern engine that has aluminum cylinder heads (which warp more easily than the cast iron) risk serious damage.

Check the condition of the coolant in your radiator or have a competent mechanic check it for you at least every two years regardless of the advertised shelf life of the coolant.

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This is easy- when the engine is cold, open up the radiator cap and take a look (touching the cap when it is hot is dangerous taking the crap off the pressurized system can result in a spray of coolant)

Fresh coolant is bright green or orange red if it is the long life type) and translucent not cloudy coolant should never look dirty if it does there is a problem with the coolant or something else in the engine and this should be checked immediately

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