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10 Creative tips on exercise for better health

10 Creative tips on exercise for better health

1. Give aerobic exercise an “A” priority a minimum of every other day.


2. Identify a variety of aerobic exercises you enjoy. Select two or three different ones to do on a regular basis.

3. Look for a variety of enjoyable places to do your aerobic exercise. Be sure to include alternatives for stormy weather.

4. Choose your best time of day to exercise and be consistent. Remember to wait a minimum of one hour after you eat (Or, better yet, exercise before you eat and surprise yourself at how much your appetite will be suppressed.)

5. Start out slow. Always finish an exercise session feeling like you could have done more, not like you wish you’d never started.

6. Work out to music when possible. Research shows that music actually raises exercise tolerance levels and makes a workout seem easier (which goes a long way in explaining how Rocky always managed to get in shape so fast.) keep the volume on headphones at a low level if you are exercising outside, however, so you can hear what’s around you (such as big trucks and mad dogs).

7. Work out with a friend or join groups; surround yourself with people who share similar exercise goals.

8. Play at your progress. Do what you did last week a little faster or stronger this week, just a little. Change your courses and challenges regularly for variety.

9. Reward yourself. Every time you work out, for example, pay yourself a dollar or five dollars. It’s your money. Put the money in a special fund for something you really want, like new running shoes.

10. Take an energy inventory. Compare your energy level on the days you work out with the days you don’t work out. You may find you are soon working out eventually everyday, because you realize how much better it makes you feel.

Contributed by Henry Marsh

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