How to help your child become an achiever


How to help your child become an achiever

1. Dreams and Goals


Encourage your children to dream. Help them to jot down their dreams and goals. Assist them, if needed, in writing their goals on an index card.

Post the index card in their bedroom or another appropriate location where they will see and review the goals daily.

2. Planning

Help children think about how they can make their goals become reality. Help them think about the obstacles or difficulties they must overcome to attain their goals, or how they may avoid them.

 Help them prepare a people plan, within their plan- which people are needed to help them attain their goals, and what they will do.

Prepare a timetable for reaching the goals. For example, if a child wants to become a doctor, discuss how long this will take, what one must do to become a doctor, courses that must be taken, and other requirements that must be met.

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