How the rich works on their wealth strategy and how it can help you too


How the rich works on their wealth strategy and how it can help you too

You have to have a life as well as gaining prosperity. It is observation that happy, wealthy people’s financial planning follows a similar set of four principles:

1 They set targets then get on with it.


2 They don’t tinker too much.

3 They tend to work on their financial planning at the same time of day (I don’t mean everyone works at say 9am but that each person tends to favour a particular time of day whether its

10:30 in the morning or midnight).

4 They are able to take a break from their financial planning and have a life outside it – it keeps them refreshed and interesting.

The reason you need a set time of day is twofold. Firstly, it makes sure you actively manage your wealth rather than looking at it once a year and thinking ‘Oh dear’ and conversely it means you don’t overdo it and spend all day tinkering (which as we ve said is a bad idea). And secondly, it means you can take advantage of your natural biorhythms and put in the effort when you are at your brightest. If you are a morning person, you’ll want to get your planning in early. If you are more of an owl, then an evening slot will take advantage of your sharpest mental acuity.

The other big advantage of having a set time of day is that you can plan for it, work it into your diary and make time for it. If you don’t, it can get forgotten or the time used for other things. If, for example, you always spend half an hour on your plan first thing after breakfast, then it gets to be a regular function and one you feel oddly uncomfortable missing – yes, even on holiday.

Working on your prosperity plan at the same time of day – and for the same shortish length of time – means you can break things down into manageable chunks and not get overwhelmed.

You can work for a bit and then take a break, put it behind you for the day and go back to it, at the same time of course, the next day. Bit by bit, things will improve. Believe me, I’ve been here before you.

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