🌻6 Steps to Build Confidence(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


1. Reflect on your accomplishments

Write down your accomplishments and read them.

Practice gratitude for how far you’ve come.


I use Twos to track accomplishments and remember them.

2. Believe in yourself

Believe in your ability to learn.

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Don’t focus excessively on whether you or not you have the ability.

Don’t worry about what others think — focus on yourself, not a theoretical and judgmental audience.

“Confidence can also be built by rewriting the narratives in our heads about our worthiness. This involves identifying self-limiting beliefs and reframing them.” — Rameya Shanmugavelayutham .

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3. Set realistic goals

Confidence is built on accomplishment.

Set goals you can accomplish to build momentum.

Visualize yourself achieving your goals.

4. Make progress every day

Create routines to inspire action every day.

“The best way to build confidence in a given area is to invest energy in it and work hard at it.” — Tony Schwartz

Embrace new opportunities to prove you can do difficult things.

Learn something new and do research.

Think long-term and face your fears.

“Try things you don’t think you can do. Failure can be very useful for building confidence.” — Deborah Gruenfeld

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5. Take care of your body

When you feel good, you play good.

Focus on your diet, exercise, meditation, and sleep.

  1. Talk positively to yourself

Have positive self-talk or affirmation sessions.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be kind to yourself.

Read books, follow people on social media, or listen to podcasts that encourage self-confidence.

Contributed by Parker Klein ✌️

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