🌻The True Way To Improve Yourself(MUST READ)


Pick Something To Improve On — Be it a characteristic, an attribute, a skill or something else.

Set A Goal —

Where do you want to be within the next 30 days? How about the next 60? Be as exact and precise as you can.


Figure Out What It Would Take To Get There —

How much work would it take in total? What kind of work? How long would it really take you? What skills would you need?

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Cut The Crap —

Once you figured out what it takes to get there start removing things from the list until you are left with at most 10% of what you started with. That is the 10% that will actually lead to improvement. Do this with asking yourself this: “If I have to cut something, what would give me the LEAST amount of benefit from this list?”

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The more time you spend on it the better. But as long as it’s daily action it’s fine.
That’s it.

No, really: That is all.

Everything else you are being told is just clouding the few, but important, tasks that would actually get you to improve.

The big part about improving in a short amount of time is that you get effective as quickly as you can and then start. The goal is only going to come closer when you walk towards it.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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