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Based on a survey of millionaires.

Do you want to be rich? Begin to think like one.


And if you don’t know how, a good place to start would be to read like one.

MillionaireMatch, a dating site for wealthy people, surveyed millionaires over the holidays to find out which books they liked the most.

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About 500 users were polled, and a site representative said their status as millionaires was “verified” by the financial documents they sent in.

These are the books that these millionaires recommended the most.

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The Power Of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle was the most recommended book by single millionaires, with 243 recommendations.

If you want to know your mind, the body will always give you a truthful reflection, so look at the emotion, or rather feel it in your body.

— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Humans spend about 80% of their waking hours thinking about the past or the future. While analysing your history and learning from it is necessary. Also, planning your future and laying out a path is also essential.

But, giving our full attention to the present work is much more important than those.

In this book, Eckhart tells us about enlightenment through spiritual awakening. He teaches about focusing our all on the current moment and doing our best work.

Think and Grow Rich

by Napolean Hill

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill came in second, with 212 recommendations.

“The world has a habit of making room for people whose words and actions show they know where they are going.”

— Napolean Hill

Think and Grow Rich is primarily about convincing yourself that you can get rich.

As we get older, we lose our desires. We get into our daily routine and give up on our ambitions.

Hill says that to achieve anything in life, you need a recipe. He boils down his formula into four steps —

Desire — if you want to get rich, the first step is wanting to be rich. Hill says you must have a burning desire to achieve what you want.
Believe — there is absolutely no way you will achieve anything if you believe you can’t reach it.
Act — the next step is to act in your chosen path.
Persist — Hill urges everyone to be persistent with their actions.
From what may be the best book on personal development ever written, you can find timeless information, wise words, and great advice. The ideas can be put to use in any way you want.

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Why We Sleep

by Matthew Walker

Why We Sleep
How much can not getting enough sleep hurt your creativity, ability to solve problems, memory, physical health, and emotional well-being?

How much can it change how long you live?

How do caffeine, alcohol, and common sleep aids really affect your ability to sleep?

Matthew talks about these questions in his book Why We Sleep.

Matthew Walker is a neuroscientist and the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkeley.

He provides a groundbreaking look at sleep and how it affects our physical and mental health in every way.

Walker shows how we can use sleep to —

improve learning, mood, and energy
balance hormones
prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes
slow the effects of ageing
live longer
He does this by looking at the latest scientific breakthroughs and drawing on his decades of research and clinical practice.


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