The 8 Millionaire Skills I Wish I Knew At 18


When I was 18, I had no idea how to build a business. In fact, I didn’t even know what a business was. Fast forward 20 years and now I’m running multiple businesses with millions of dollars in sales annually.

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1. Keep Learning.

You see, when you learn something new, the mind is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. And when it comes to learning and growing as an individual, there is no better way than through reading books.

In order for your mind to be able to digest information as quickly and efficiently as possible, you have to train yourself to read quickly.

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Now I’m not saying that reading must be done at a fast pace; most people will actually get more out of their reading if they take their time with each paragraph or sentence instead of whizzing through it all in one go (the latter method usually leads to subpar comprehension).

However, by taking breaks between sentences and paragraphs while still maintaining your focus on what’s being said throughout the entire passage — and then doing this over again with another book — you will soon find yourself breezing through even lengthy works without much effort at all!

2. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.

One of the most important skills you can learn is one of the most basic: don’t reinvent the wheel.

There’s no need to come up with something completely original when someone else has already done all of the hard work for you.

Sure, it may not have been as good as what you would have created if you’d started from scratch (but if it was better, then why weren’t they successful?)

That’s not to say that everything out there is garbage — in fact, some people are geniuses who have figured out solutions that others haven’t yet thought of!

But those people are rare exceptions and likely spent years developing their skills and knowledge before sharing them with others. The rest of us can benefit from learning from their success rather than trying to figure things out on our own (and failing miserably).

The main reason I love learning from experts is that they’ve already taken all of this into account; they’ve learned from their own experiences and mistakes so that now they know exactly what works best in certain situations — and maybe even more importantly: what doesn’t work at all!

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3. Focus on the process, not the goal.

In order to achieve your goals, you need to focus on the process and not just the outcome.

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but it’s something that we all tend to forget. Focusing too much on the goal can actually be counterproductive because it can make us lose sight of what’s important in life: the journey and not just the destination.

What often happens is that once we reach one milestone in our lives (such as graduating college or getting a new job), we experience a burst of motivation and excitement that carries us through another hurdle (like landing an interview).

But then when things get tough — and they always do — we start losing steam because we haven’t achieved our ultimate goal yet and this makes us feel unfulfilled. To combat these feelings of inadequacy, try keeping your eye on the prize instead by focusing on different milestones along your journey toward success instead!

4. Save and Invest, Don’t Spend and Consume.

As a young person, you’re going to be tempted to spend your money on things that you think will make you happy. This is a mistake. Instead of buying a new iPhone or taking your friends out for dinner every weekend, save your money and invest it wisely.

The most important way to do this is by getting into the habit of saving what you don’t need for immediate expenses. You should also learn about different types of investments so that when you have more than enough saved up, you can start investing some of it for long-term gains as well.

For example: if someone wants to buy $100 worth of stocks but only has $50 in their account right now, they could still place an order with their broker by making up the difference with credit cards or other short-term loans which would result in much higher interest rates being charged on those debts over time (10%+ APR).

Instead, they could use those extra funds before placing an order by adding them directly via ACH transfer from another bank account (no fees) where they already had adequate funding available due to previous savings efforts!

5. Be Agile.

One of the most important skills a person can develop is the ability to adapt. The world is changing at a blistering pace and this trend only seems to be accelerating.

If you are not able to adapt, you will be left behind. In personal life and business, agility is critical because it allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, regardless of whether you expected them or not.

The best way I have found for developing this skill is through deliberate practice in your daily routine. It’s important that you challenge yourself with tasks that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable — it will help build up your resilience muscle!

I recommend starting small by experimenting with new food combinations in cooking; trying different styles of music; learning about new cultures; even reading an entirely different type of book (fiction vs non-fiction).

6. Have the Right Mindset Around Money and Business.

The most important thing you can do to succeed in business is to have the right mindset around money.

If you think of money as a tool, and not the end goal, then it frees up your creativity and allows you to take opportunities that might not be so obvious at first glance.

In other words: if someone offers you $2 million dollars for something that seems crazy (like writing an article about coffee), then go ahead and try it!

If your mindset is stuck on “how much should I charge?” or “how much will this product sell for?” instead of thinking about how much value it brings into people’s lives (and how many people will want to buy from me because of it), then there is no way that product will ever get created — or even found by anyone else who needs or wants it.

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7. Have a Strong Why for Your Goals & Dreams

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you’re working to achieve your goals is staying motivated.

It’s so easy to get discouraged or give up when things get difficult, but having a strong “why” behind what you’re doing will help keep you going through those hard times.

The distinction between a goal and a dream is important here: goals are specific actions that we can work toward, while dreams represent our true desires (e.g., “I want to be an actor” vs “I want to sell out Madison Square Garden”).

Goals are great because they allow us to take concrete actions toward reaching them; however, if our goal doesn’t truly align with our deepest desires, then it won’t really serve us in the long run.

Here’s where having a strong why comes into play: by identifying how achieving your goals will change your life for the better — and helping others along the way — you can stay motivated even during challenging times on your journey toward success.


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