🌻Not To-Do List: 7 Things You Must Stop Doing To Be Productive


A simple way to fix your productivity and get more done

Most people struggle to complete their daily tasks and play various roles. No matter how hard they try, there’s always a gap between how much work they want to do and what they end up accomplishing as the day draws to a close.


With distractions and an unending pile of work, it is becoming increasingly hard for everyone to be productive and do more in a limited time.

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What is a not-to-do list

One of the easy ways to boost your productivity is to prepare your not-to-do list. For the uninitiated, it is a list that enumerates things or habits that disturb your focus, pushing you off track and destroying your productivity.

If you want to protect your time and energy and want to accomplish more in less time, make it a point to prepare your not-to-do list each morning or, better still, the previous night.

Stick the list at a place where you are likely to see it several times a day. Follow it diligently throughout the day, and then see how effortlessly you tackle everything that you set out to.

How to prepare your not-to-do list

Each person faces different challenges and has a particular set of habits, behaviors, or things that steal their attention or waste their precious time. A not-to-do list is, therefore, personal, and you must customize it according to your needs and requirements.

Here’s an example of how you can prepare your not-to-do list and make it work for you.

  1. Not try to do everything

You have a limited capacity to work. If you push yourself beyond limits and stretch yourself too thin, you are liable to reach your breakpoint.
Getting caught up doing different things and starting multiple tasks will lead to a mess of half-completed steps, which will overwhelm you.
Set it as a reminder not to bite off more than you can chew, and try to do everything simultaneously. Put it in your list of things to avoid doing during the day so that you prevent yourself from mental exhaustion, frustration, and burnout.

2. Not work haphazardly

Everyone has a load of work to do on most days. But there’s a method to tackle it. Beginning a task, leaving it unfinished, and jumping on to the next leads to ineffective work.
Haphazardly diving into work before proper planning without having the necessary skill, equipment or know-how is a recipe for chaos.
To boost productivity and ensure maximum efficiency, work in an organized manner. Get ready everything you need, create a blueprint, and then hit the go button.

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3. Not go to social media first thing in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, you’re at your peak energy level and have a refreshed and clean mind.
If you waste this time surfing the internet mindlessly or scrolling through social media, you’ll only waste your time feeding on the trivia, getting into mental comparisons, feeling inadequate, getting depressed, and throwing away your chance of accomplishing all that you wanted to.

If you’re fond of checking social media, connecting with friends, and interacting with them, refrain from this activity at least until noon or lunchtime.

Staying away from the digital overload will keep your head space clear and allow you to get into the zone and work better.

4. Not overthink problems

The most common thing that kills your productivity is overthinking and getting stuck in your sticky thoughts.
Each day, you’ll encounter many problems. If you allow them to throw you off balance and get lost, you’ll complicate your issues even more and delay solving them.

Each morning, consciously avoid overthinking about the problems. No matter how much you plan and organize your life, you cannot avoid problems. They’ll keep coming your way and what’s worse is most times, they come unannounced, and you cannot foresee them.

The best approach to deal with daily problems is to develop a problem-solving mindset to take them head-on.

Big or small, each problem should be dealt with before it gets out of hand. With the right approach, you can effectively manage them and get them out of your way.

5. Not exhaust yourself with overwork

When you’re engrossed in work, you lose the sense of time and keep going with single-minded dedication to finish the task. However, while focusing on work is important to achieve high productivity, going overboard can have repercussions and take a toll on your health.
Never work so much that you have to regret it later. Make it a point to take periodic breaks and give yourself a breather.
Contrary to what you might feel, taking a few minutes off from work helps you switch off from stress and enables you to find your bearings. You’ll feel rejuvenated and more energized to put in your best.

6. Not say yes to everything

It’s good to be helpful and gracious, but keeping ‘yes’ as your default mode will lead you into trouble more often than you can imagine.
With the limited time you get daily for yourself, you cannot accommodate everything and everyone’s requests without compromising on your priorities.
It’s difficult to say ‘no’ to things you like or the people you are closely associated with. But sooner or later, you’ll have to take the tough call of drawing boundaries and boldly saying no when you mean to.

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7. Not compromise on your sleep

Poor sleep plagues many people and is an essential cause of loss of productivity, behavior disturbances, and poor memory.

Many people spend a good amount of their time binge-watching movies or surfing social networking sites when they should be fast asleep and resting their brains.

7–8 hours of uninterrupted good night’s sleep is essential not only for finishing up your day’s work efficiently but also for thinking straight and making decision.

Therefore, you must consciously add to your not-to-do list to not deprive yourself of your sleep time, come what may.

In Conclusion

A not-to-do list is your reference point, a reminder of things you should stay clear of and habits you must discourage.

When you are cautious about things that waste your time, you can give your attention to the task at hand and do justice to it.

So don’t begin your morning before you know how you will approach your day. A not-to-do list is as important as your to-do priority list since the success of the latter hinges on the former.

You’ll never fall short of your productivity if you carefully prepare your not-to-do list and keep it front and center throughout the day.


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