🌻The Secret to Success: It’s Not What You Think


The greatest people are the ones that we’ve never heard about.

We won’t see their names on the cover of books or learn about them in a Netflix documentary. We’re not going to find them on the awards stage or on the cover of Forbes. We might hear about them from other people. We’ll hear funny, fantastic, crazy stories from our friends or family, and we’ll tell them to write a book about their life.


But why? Why do we base greatness on fame rather than skills, stories, talent, or grit? Because those who get famous are merely the more lucky ones. There are plenty of people who have made big differences in our world, and we don’t know anything about them. Many people aspire not for greatness, but for fame, and fame is part luck.

You can get it by being involved in a scandal.
You can get it by spending your life chasing after it.
You can get it through talent.
But even then, it’s sort of a game of luck. You’ve gotta be the right person at the right time in the right place to meet the right people.

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“Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great!”

We have to know that greatness isn’t determined by fame. Dr. King said that “everyone can be great”. We all have the power for greatness because it’s determined by service. When you choose to spend most of your time doing something you enjoy and you put your time and effort into perfecting that then to people around you, you’ve achieved greatness. When you commit yourself to your community and you positively impact other people’s lives, you will be great.

Your greatness isn’t defined by how you measure up against someone else, it’s not defined by how much money you have or the car you drive, it’s defined by the work you put in to get there. Now, people definitely admire fancy cars & expensive houses, and yes, they’re certainly eye-catching, but what people want is ambition & a work ethic, and you can have those two qualities in abundance without all the money and flashy cars & holiday homes.

In a survey that asked 32 people to explain their definition of greatness, nobody said money, cars, status, or fame. Instead, people define greatness as something we can all achieve, it’s not the luck left up to a few people.

To be great, you have to separate yourself from others. You have to be above average whether that’s working harder than other people, having more faith in yourself than the average person does, or being a person who never gives up.

In that survey, Ultraman Champion Rich Roll said to him that —

“Being great is about being the best version of yourself. It’s to find out the things that ignite a spark within you.”

Some people said that being great is about being happy, it’s about becoming someone that you’re proud of, and others said that greatness is about working to stay consistently healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s about learning what makes you tick and what makes you function at your best.

So, what is your definition of greatness? Because while our default goes to celebrity status or someone famous, there’s an innate feeling just behind that which knows that.

Do you want to make people’s emotions light up?
Do you want to make them feel ecstatic and worthy?
Do you want to spend your time having fun and making the most of your time here?
Do you want to go on adventures, taking last-minute trips on apologetically staying in on a Friday night?
We all have so much potential, but we’re also stuck in the fame game, especially with social media.

Consider it like this — if people don’t know about the amazing things you are doing, are they still amazing? Of course, they are readers. Absolutely. Don’t do things for the recognition, do it for the joy. You don’t need to make an Instagram post or a TikTok video to tell everyone about the work you’re putting in. You’re already doing the work, that’s valid and that’s important. Don’t feel like you’re not hitting your mark because you’re not getting likes online.

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Honestly, people do see you. You may not realize it right now, but the people in your life see “you”, and of course when we all strive to be great, we all push the average up — it’s a moving meter arrow.

We move up and so do other people.

When you strive for greatness, you bring everyone else with you because everyone can be great.

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