9 Ways to Live Long


No need to read a 600 page book, just this 2 minute article.

Tony Robbins has a new(ish) book out.


Because of course he does. He’s incredibly productive.

His new(ish) book, Life Force, covers breakthroughs in medical technology. A lot of the book is spent plugging things you can buy, which I assume he has stakes in.

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But he did share his 9 point longevity checklist and I dig that.

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Here it is, for your quick consumption.

1/ Hydrate

Half your bodyweight in ounces of water daily. That’s the formula Tony goes by. And many others.

Apparently we’re a nation of dehydrated, undernourished, sleep deprived zombies.

No wonder our life expectancy is headed the wrong way.

At this point, I don’t measure anymore but I drink a ton of lemon water and tea every day.

2/ Eat whole foods

The flip side of this- Avoid processed foods.

Some people act confused by what whole foods are.

They’re simply 1 ingredient foods. A banana is a whole food. So is oatmeal.

Frozen dinners are processed foods. They don’t count as real dinner.

Processed meals are a sin against our well being.

3/ Decrease disease risk

How do you do this?

At least 1 daily serving of cruciferous foods. Kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower.

And a whole heaping of other plants.

I aim for 7+ servings of fruits/veggies daily at this point. Oftentimes I get 10+.

4/ Commit to an eating window

Per Tony you should fast at least 12 hours per day.

That’s the bare minimum to give our bodies a break from constant digesting.

I’ve been doing some version of a 16/8 fast for a while now. I feel better when I do it than when I don’t.

It also helps with productivity when you’re not constantly worried about your next feeding.

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5/ Build a consistent sleep schedule

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time 7 days per week.

This takes some discipline. Because most Americans are wired to sleep in on the weekends. Or at the very least on Sunday.

Fight the urge.

We’re in this routine now with our new dog. My girlfriend and I are up at 6:30 for a long walk. And we’re in bed by 10…with the new dog’s feet in our faces.

6/ Get stronger

Lift weights 3x/week. Your body was meant to move and lift. Your muscles don’t care whether you’re a man or woman. They want to be used.

And here’s the catch…there’s no such thing as toning. Muscles either grow or shrink.

So, lift heavy, relative to you. No 3lb dumbbell curls allowed.

7/ Strengthen your cardio system

Tony subscribes to 3 sessions of 30 minutes each per week.

I, on the other hand, hate cardio. So if you do too, I get it.

I combat this by doing a jog/walk 3 mornings per week and walking 10k+ steps every day.

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8/ Consider heat/cold therapy

The heat: saunas, hot tubs, hot baths.

The chill: cold showers/baths/tubs.

For those of you who aren’t rich enough to have a sauna in the house next to a cold bathtub, do what I do.

I like to get a hot bath then stand right up into a cold shower.

This hot/cold contrast exposure shows positive effects on blood pressure and inflammation.

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9/ Train your brain

Practice daily meditation and breathwork.

Read (books > magazines) and watch (YouTube > Netflix) high quality stuff.

And most importantly, get into creator mode more often than consumer mode.

Treat your brain like your body.

It needs high quality inputs to deliver high quality outputs.

Contributed by Tony Robbins & Cait Mack

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